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The University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad Campus came into existence on 1st October 1986 by carving 12 districts of northern Karnataka.

It offers seven under-graduate programmes, 36 Masters and 17 Ph.D programmes.

The university has 33 agricultural research stations and seven teaching campuses (north Karnataka) It has released 103 crop varieties, including cereals (33), oilseeds (12), pulses (14), commercial crops (15), fodder crops (11) and horticulture and plantation crops (18). Various crop- production technologies such as integrated nutrient-management practices, green manuring, development of efficient N-fixing and P solubalising strains, identification of profitable cropping systems etc. have been released to enhance and sustain the productivity. Crop-protection technologies such as IPM modules in cotton and redgram, release of cotton bollwarm-resistant varieties like Abhadita and Sahana, charcoal rot resistant sorghum SPV 462, wilt-resistant redgram Maruti, sterility mosaic-resistant pigeonpea Asha, rust-resistant soybean PK 1029, rust-resistant bread wheat DWR 225 are classical examples of success in developing varieties.

The university Extension programme covers Transfer of Technology centers, viz. Extension Education Units (8), a model Agricultural Technology Information Centre, NAEP Extension Co-ordinators (3), Audio Visual Unit (1), Bakery Training Unit (1), Staff Training Unit (1) and Publication Centre, and two IVLP centers.