Indian Agricultural Universities Association

IAUA Awards

Ph.D. Thesis Awards



The Indian Agricultural Universities Association took an initiative to recognize outstanding original research, to provide incentive for enhancing the quality research and to promote high quality research in emerging priority areas and started Ph.D. Thesis Research Award.These awards are meant exclusively for Ph.D. thesis related to Agriculture including Agricultural Engineering, Horticulture including Forestry, Veterinary and Animal Sciences and Dairy and Fisheries Sciences from any of the IAUA member Agricultural Universities. Each individual award consists of Rs. 50,000/ (Rupees Fifty Thousand) only in cash, a citation and medal. The Four awards will be given in following four categories (one each) every year, if recommended by the committee and approved by the competent authority of IAUA.

  • Agricultural Sciences including Agriculture Engineering (1)
  • Horticulture Science including Forestry (1)
  • Veterinary and Animal Sciences (1)
  • Dairy and Fisheries Sciences (1)

Name of Recepients