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Allahabad Agricultural Institute was established by the Christian Churches and organizations in India under the leadership of Dr. Sam Higginbotton in the year, 1910. This became the first Institute in whole of South Asia to offer degree in Agricultural Engineering and Dairy Technology. The introduction of Mould Board Ploughs such as Shabash Plough, Wah Wah Plough, U.P.No.1, U.P.No. 2, etc., and other agricultural devices like Wheat Thresher, was first time done by the Agriculture Engineers of Allahabad Agricultural Institute under the famous Prof. Mason Vaugh. The Institute was accorded professional status by the said Department of Agriculture on 21st October, 1997 through G.O. No. 3287/12.8.97-900(7)794. On March 15th , 2000 the Institute has been elevated to the status of Deemed University through Government of India Notification No. F.9-26/94-U.3. Dt. 15th March 2000.

In present context, the university known as Allahabad Agricultural Institute - Deemed University, is striving to acquire place in international arena of International Science and Technology while holding a pioneering status in India. The university offers nineteen undergraduate programmes, twenty-six postgraduate programmes and four diploma courses.

Teaching and research faculty of the university are highly professional, and training in specialized areas of Agriculture Science and Technology and several of them hold Master of Science degree from universities abroad.