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The University offers six undergraduate and three post-graduate degree programmes. Ph. D. is available in Agriculture and Veterinary Science faculties at Akola and Nagpur.

Rural Institutes, Agricultural Schools, Dairy Management and Animal Husbandry Course and Mail Training are imparted at lower level of agricultural education. Two rural institutes located at Amravati and Wardha conduct 2 year diploma course in Agriculture. There are 17 agricultural schools and 8 Dairy management and animal husbandry courses affiliated to the university.

Some major achievements of the university in the field of research are development of first based cotton hybrid PKV Hy.3; Creation of variability in cotton by using wild germplasm and heterosis breeding; release of sorghum hybrid CSH 14 (SPH 468) at national level;

Alternative uses of mouldy sorghum for production of liquid glucose, high purity alcohol and starch; evolution pf TAU 1 udid variety having country-wide demand; development of first hybrid in pigeonpea; production of trichocards on commercial basis; success in preparation of Bt spray; development of IPM modules for controling the pests of cotton/pigeonpea; development of mine dal mill for cottage industries name- national and international demand; development of embryo transfer technology in cattle.