9th National Symposium
Dates: 30-31 Aug, 2014
Place: Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya (RVSKVV), Gwalior

Theme: Dryland Farming and Foods Security in India

Major Recommendations of the Conference

  1. Extreme rainfall variability, recurrent but unpredictable drought, high temperature, low soil fertility, scarcity and degradation of natural resources, lack of infrastructure and slow dissemination of improved technologies are of great concern in dryland regions.

  2. Developing drought tolerant and climate change ready crops to match growing seasons and low soil moisture and replacing vulnerable crops with more drought tolerant crops.

  3. Managing the natural resources to arrest land degradation and improve in-situ moisture conservation.

  4. Target the dryland areas for diversification livestock, horticulture, silviculture, grass land, fodder in keeping with natural resource availability.

  5. Efficient livestock-crop integrated systems can improve livestock productivity thereby contribute to nutritional security.

  6. Increasing area in natural pastures can ensure fodder availability for livestock management in dry areas.

  7. Promotion of ready to eat food as per requirement of children, lactating mothers and aged persons can create demand for dairy and animal products which can ultimately increase income of livestock farmers in India.

  8. All the projects and schemes/ programmes for improving production and productivity in drylands should be brought under one umbrella and implemented intensively for better utilization of resources, increasing farm income, creation of non-farm income opportunities, area under protective irrigation, development of scientific water harvesting structure and under improvement of indigenous cattle breeds.