8th National Symposium
Dates: 28-29 April 2010
Place: CIFE, Mumbai

Theme: Novel Strengths Sharing among Agricultural Universities

Major recommendations of the Conference

  1. A consortium of different SAU/DU in the area of veterinary and fishery science should be established to address the issues of mutual interest.

  2. A collaborative program on the effect of climate change on epidemiology of animal diseases should be developed and executed in a participatory mode.

  3. Collaborative programme for harnessing the potential of cold deserts for fruits, vegetables and seed production should be chalked out.

  4. National core faculty in certain disciplines from ICAR-DU and SAU should be identified and the modalities for exchange of faculty and resources should be decided.

  5. A six year integrated course with minimum qualification of 12th standard should be introduced in CAU/SAU/DU for attracting rural youth towards agricultural education.

  6. An active participation of entrepreneurs in integration of production and processing technologies should be ensured by developing a framework.

  7. IAUA should take an initiative to prepare synthesis document listing 2-3 strengths for each university and send to all SAUs for feedback.(till date 31 AUs)

  8. UGC package in full to be implemented in all SAUs. IAUA may convey this recommendation of the conference and request ICAR to take up the issue of implementing 6th pay commission in SAU’s where it has not been implemented so far.

  9. Inbreeding in SAU’s should be stopped and few posts should be allocated to central pool where anyone from any state can apply for recruitment.