6th IAUA National Symposium on
Dates: 27 to 28 September 2009

UAS, Bangalore

Theme: - Transforming Indian villages as Knowledge Hub

Session I

  • Evolve strategies emphasizing on pro-poor technology interventions to meet challenges of small- holders and take advantages of opportunities under WTO regime.
  • To be globally competitive, cost effective production in agriculture need to be enhanced. A serious thought needs to be given in identification areas in agriculture both at micro and macro levels where reforms and modifications can be introduced. For example, by promoting zero till, conservation farming and use of boil fertilizers on larger scale to reduce cultivation cost significantly.

Session II

  • “Integrated Rural Knowledge Centre with effective use in ICT (Information Technology Centre) needs to be established at Gram Panchayat level to help farmers with single window system of information, consultancy, suitable technology and input providers.
  • To reach the benefits of space technology to the rural and remote places, the village resources centres should be established with SATCOM connectivity in association with Government and non-governmental organizations at hobli level in the initial stage and Gram Panchayat level later to promote single window delivery of need based services.

Session III

  • AUs, Farmers Associations and Government should join hands in sharing the knowledge on cost effective high production for poverty alleviation.

Session IV

  • ITKs needs to be documented, grouped and validated by testing in both at laboratory and field level, ultimately be transferred to the farming community in order to reap the benefits.

Session V

  • All the SAUs to equip their KVKs to serve as knowledge Hub which could serve as a replicable model for others.

Session VI

  • Revised UGC pay scales have to be implemented as early as possible by pursuing with the respective State Governments.
  • ICAR to pursue the retirement age of 70 years and term for 5 years for the Vice chancellors of AUs.
  • The Internship amount provided for final year students need to be enhanced.
  • Agriculture and allied activities to be included in the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.