12th National Symposium on: “Convergence building for resource sharing in Agriculture Research and Extension sectors- Formation of State Wise Agriculture Cabinet” held at Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, SHUATS, Allahabad during 27th - 28th April, 2017.


  1. All the states of the country should initiate efforts to developed ‘State Agriculture Cabinet’, with the involvement of AU's.
  2. Introduction of Agriculture as a subject in curricula of primary/secondary education.
  3. Government of India shall formulate incentive schemes for farming community to increase the “Carbon” content of soil to increase the production and productivity of major crops. This scheme should be implemented through state government by involvement of SAU’s / KVK etc.
  4. Carbon sequestration is convergence between soil science, microbiologists, plant breeders and agricultural engineers, thus interdisciplinary research should be promoted.
  5. Waste recycling resource systems needs to be introduced at village level with active involvement of KVK’s /NGO/SAU/DU etc.
  6. Established methods to impact knowledge directly to the farmers in addition to roles of KVK/KGV/NGO etc.
  7. Interaction of plant microbes on climate change scenario needs to be restudied / restructured.
  8. Use of ICT in farm delivery system needs to be strengthened like PAU Doot.
  9. Establishment of ‘Center of Excellence’ on Farm Machinery at SAU’s for development of small farm implements to reduce the drudgery especially among the farm women.
  10. New cropping patterns needs to be introduced in addition to popularity farm mechanization and integrated farming systems.
  11. Adoption of ‘Marker Assisted Breeding’ for innovations in agricultural research in order to improve the specific trait of economic importance in crop plants.
  12. Establishment of Seed bank, feed bank and implementation bank at Panchayat level.
  13. SAU's should also be included in Price fixing policies for food items at state level along with state govt. officials and ICAR representation.
  14. Precision agricultural farming, tractor mounted computer innovations like drone technology need to be introduced for its deliveries.
  15. Establishment of district level mapping for hazard of livestock and formation of climate smart livestock clusters /villages in order to look after the animal health.
  16. Development of strategies for housing and management of animals to address the climate changes to mitigate / adoption to climate change.
  17. More research needed to address the shortage of feed and fodder. Use of Biofertilzers should be enhanced.
  18. Farm women should be educated and trained for livestock farming to develop holistic approach to mitigate climate change and create awareness.
  19. Carbon food prints for animals needs to be developed in order to conversion of research and extension.
  20. To develop animals for bioreactors for future research.
  21. Disaster management strategies should be formed with initiatives of IAUA and disaster management authorities of the country.