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Indian Agricultural Universities Association, (IAUA) is has completed 50 years in 2017, as it was established on 10th November, 1967 (Registration no. 3489). There were only 9 founder member agricultural universities and their VC’s were: founder president Dr P.N. Thaper, VC, PAU, Chandigarh (now Ludhiana); and members Shri V. Pulla Reddy, VC, APAU (now ANGRAU), Hyderabad; Dr J.S. Patel, VC, JNKVV, Jabalpur; Shri D.P. Singh, VC, UPAU (now GBPUAT), Pantnagar; Dr K.C. Nair, VC, UAS, Bangaluru; Dr S.N. Das Gupta, VC, KU, Kalyani (now BCKV, Mohanpur); Dr K. Ramaiya, VC, OUAT, Bhubaneshwar; Dr G.S. Mahajani, VC, UU (now MPUAT), Udaipur; and Dr M.S. Swaminathan, director, IARI, New Delhi.

During the period there has been phenomenon increase in the number of Agricultural Universities. Till date we have 70 regular member universities, viz. 62 SAUs; 4 DUs (IARI, IVRI, NDRI and CIFE) and 4 CAUs (Imphal, BHU, Dr. RP Pusa, and RLB Jhansi). On specialization there are 44 Agricultural, 6 Horticultural, 17 Veterinary and Animal Sciences and 3 Fishery Science Universities. The number of events organized by IAUA from 1972 to 1999 during earlier 30 years were only 24 Annual VCs Conventions only. And after December 1999 in past 20 years 51 events were organized i.e., 20 VC’s Conventions, 13 National Symposia, 10 Brain Storming Session, 8 Regional Committee Meetings.

The main objective of the Association is to promote agricultural research, education and extension in the universities and the states, and thereby rural development in the country. It also acts as a bureau of information to facilitate communication, co-ordination and mutual consultation among agricultural universities. The Association also acts as a liaison between member universities and government departments to facilitate communication and expedite the needed action in matters of importance.




All the SAUs and institutions (deemed-to-be universities) and (Central Agricultural Universities) in India, which provide an integrated programme of teaching, research and extension education in agricultural sciences are qualified to become regular members of the Association.

Vice-Chancellors of member universities constitute the Association’s General Body. The General Body meets once a year to decide the agenda for the next convention and other events and also for adoption of its audited accounts of the year and approval of budget estimates for the next financial year, besides the election of the office-bearers for the following calendar year. The Executive Committee of the Association consists of President, Vice-President, Secretary-General, Treasurer and three members. The Executive Committee meets quarterly.

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Dr. S.K. Patil, President, IAUA (2021)

  • Dr. Sanjay K. Patil
  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya
  • Raipur,- 492006 (Chhattisgarh)

Dr. R. C. Srivastava, Secretary General, IAUA (2021)

  • Dr. R. C. Srivastava
  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University
  • Pusa, Samastipur – 848125 (Bihar)
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