8th Brain-storming session on: "Expectations from Agricultural Universities, Challenges and Mitigation Strategies", held at WBUAFS, Kolkata on 19th - 20th August, 2017


  1. A statutory Council like Veterinary Council of India for maintaining & improving the Standard of agricultural education is needed to be established. Agricultural Universities require introducing subjects like Actuary, Crop Insurance, Land and land use survey matters.
  2. Possibility of introduction of Integrated UG-PG Courses and reservation of 40% seats in Agricultural Colleges for candidates from rural areas may be explored.
  3. Quality of education on agriculture and allied sciences in Private Colleges is to be assured. Private colleges to be brought under the ambit of the established Agricultural Universities. Exchange of Faculties between the universities and training of young teachers at NAARM should be introduced compulsorily.
  4. KVK exclusively for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences is needed to be established and in the existing KVKs, more Scientists from Animal Sciences/ Poultry Science and Fishery Science to be inducted along with agricultural scientists in KVKs.
  5. Vertical Farming and Farm Villa with appropriate mixture of fish, poultry, small animals along with fodder cultivation may be adopted in the KVKs. Connect and integrate agriculture with fisheries to augment the income of farmers. The Farmers should be trained for applying new technology.
  6. “Krishi Mela” (Agriculture Fair) and “Mati Utsav” is conducted every year by the Govt. of West Bengal to help farmers in updating their knowledge on agriculture, which may be adopted in other States.
  7. Identification of elements responsible for climate change and its mitigation for sustenance of agricultural production in the country. Identification of Stress and disease problems associated with increased productivity due to Intensification in livestock, poultry and fish production and their mitigations.
  8. Coordination between Government and Agriculture and allied Industries required for employment generation of graduates in the respective disciplines. University should be made partner in the development process of the agriculture and allied sectors.
  9. The inclusion of negative marking in the scoring system in case of plagiarism in the assessment of scientists/ university teachers. E-Learning process should be developed and proper linkage between the University and UGC Governing body should be set up. E-extension may be introduced in various local languages for proper understanding and benefit of the farmers.
  10. Agricultural Universities are required to introduce subjects like Actuary, Crop Insurance, Land and Land Use Survey matters.
  11. The focus of Universities on IPR should be – (i) Encouragement of patenting only when it has commercial value; (ii) Awareness on Copyright infringement; (iii) to ensure ethics in research and prevention of plagiarism in publications; (iv) to provide thrust to bring plant and animal products under Geographical Identification (G.I.); (v) to approach Government to enforce a separate Act to protect plant and animal breeds and rights of breeders; and (vi) Validation of ethno-veterinary and plant based products to protect and popularize traditional knowledge.
  12. To identify stress tolerance level for different animals and adoption of proper mitigation strategies particularly through use of netracuticals and better management practices to enhance growth and reduce mortality.