4th Brainstorming Session

4th Brainstorming session on “Human Resource Assessment in Relation to Working and Output in Agricultural Universities”

Held at college of agriculture, Nagpur during 5-6/08/2011 organized by VC, Dr. PDKV, Akola

Major recommendations

  • Attractive Young talents to Agricultural Education.

  • Increasing number of junior/Senior Research Fellowships.

  • Establishment of central Agricultural Universities in each state.

  • Capacity Building of entry level teachers in SAU’s

  • International Exposure of teachers in SAU’s

  • Establishment Agro-Industrial Training Institutes (AITI) and polytechnics

  • Strengthening of Grain storage and mechanization research in SAU’s.

  • Catch-up Grant for strengthening Central Instrumentation facilities.

  • Support to Hill Agriculture

  • Up-gradation of position of Program Coordinate, KVK

  • Subject matter specialties position in KVK of SAU

  • Capacity building of KVK staff

  • Library staff position

  • Continuation of modernization of AU farms scheme

  • Outsourcing and use of IT applications

  • Training Institute for administrative and Finance staff

  • E-Governance and paperless office

  • NAARM shall organize two day program for Vice Chancellors

  • Contingency grants to AICRP need to be increased to Rs 1.50 lakh per scientist.