Ist Brainstorming Session

Theme: AHRD and State University Relationship

The Ist Brain Storming Session" of I.A.U.A was held in continuation of 26th Convention on 23-24 October, 2002 at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore (T.N.).

Some of the important points that were stressed are :

  • Training of faculty in new areas i.e. Information Technology, Bio-technology, Computers etc.

  • Necessity of basic science faculty.

  • Job oriented teaching, training and research.

  • Difficulty in coping up with syllabus of all-India pattern due to old and obsolete facilities.

  • Stringent financial situation does not allow high standards of education, research and extension, due to lack of staff and money.
  • Periodical revision of courses and syllabi to meet the developing advancements within 5-10 years.

  • There appears to be week linkages between administration/teaching research/extension and farmers responsible for poor growth, development and outcome from the University.

  • University should have some system of exposure/training for entrance tests to generate money.

  • An Advisory/placement committee be constituted in each University to facilitate and guide final year students.

  • Possibility of opening campuses in African and Gulf countries on the same lines asthe advance countries are doing/planning in developing countries.

  • A group of Scientists may be selected for patent writing and processing on the technology/material outcome of the University.