April - June 2015


Dr M.L. Choudhary
Dr K.S. Khokar
Dr K.M. Bujarbaruah
Dr N. C. Patel
Dr V.S. Tomar
Dr A.R. Pathak
Dr A.K. Gahlot


Dr R.P. Singh
Executive-Secretary, IAUA
Dr Kirti Singh
Ex-Chairman, ASRB
Dr Ramendra Singh
Ex-Chief Agronomist, FAI
Mr R.S. Gupta
Ex-Editor (English), ICAR



Prof (Dr) M.C. Varshneya took over as President, IAUA

Prof (Dr) M.C. Varshneya
Prof (Dr) M.C. Varshsneya took over as President, IAUA from 5 Aug. 2015. He was born on 1 Jul. 1945 at Mathura (U.P.). He is M.Sc. from Agra University and got Ph.D. training in Agricultural Meteorology from University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA. He is having 45 years of experience in teaching, research, extension education and university administration. He also worked as a member of High Level Committee constituted by the Government of Maharashtra under the Chairmanship of Dr M.S. Swaminathan to prepare an Action Plan in Agriculture for coming 25 years. He was the member of Committee on Higher Education appointed by the Governor of Gujarat. He started his career as Lecturer, Hindu Inter College, Kiratpur, Bijnor from 1964 onwards, he was also Head, Department of Agricultural Meteorology, MPKV, Rahuri, Maharashtra.

Prof Varshneya joined as First VC of AAU, Anand from 21 May 2004 to 1 Jul. 2010. Since 19 Aug. 2014, he joined as First VC of the KU, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

He guided 75 M.Sc.(Agri.), 2 M.Tech. (Agril. Engg.) and 6 B.Tech (Agri. Engg) students. He has at his credit 11 Books, 79 Research Papers, 40 Book Chapters, 13 General Articles, besides 47 Reports and 29 Papers presented in Seminars.

He was decorated with several awards, few are: Bronze Medal in 2009 for e-krishi kiran program by Ministry of Administrative Reforms and Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi; “Glory of India Award- 2009”, presented by India International Friendship Society, New Delhi; and FAO Fellowship, 1988, Food and Agricultural Organization, Rome.

He was elected as President of the Association of Agro-meteorologists, Anand for the period of 2009-11. He is also a Member of Board of Management of Agricultural Finance Corporation of India, Mumbai.

Focus on Universities:Events and Achievements




Healthy Ageing through Immune Benefits

Lactobacillus rhamnosus
(MTCC 5897)
Studies conducted at the university revealed that dietary supplements of the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus (MTCC 5897) and L. fermentum (MTCC 5898) may alleviate the age-related decline in immune functions in the elderly, and promote healthy ageing.
Studies on the labratory mice indicated that the probiotic bacilli were associated with improvement in the function of antioxidant enzymes and immune responses, and increased the resistance to E. coli infection. “The results indicated that probiotic Lactobacilli-fermented milk supplementation alleviatedthe immune-senescence, resisted the infection and improved the anti-oxidant capacity,
Lactobacillus fermentum
(MTCC 5898)
thereby augmenting healthy ageing. The findings of this research work have been published in international journals, viz. Nutrition Research and Age, published by Elsevier and Springer respectively.
Lactobacillus fermentum (MTCC 5898)Immuno-senescence refers to the inevitable, multi-faceted decline in the functions of the immune system during progressive ageing, which makes the elderly more susceptible to infections and the effects of

immune-senescence, chronic infections, and oxidative stress constitutes a grave threat to the rationale of healthy ageing and pose a challenge to the public health systems, throughout the world.

Cloned Calf from Somatic Cell Isolated from Urine

Apurva calf
A female cloned calf named 'Apurva' was born on 5 Feb. 2015 at NDRI, Karnal. The calf was born by normal parturition, and its weight at the time of birth was around 37 kg. The calf is a clone of an elite Murrah buffalo (MU-5345) of NDRI Livestock Farm. Earlier another cloned calf named 'Lalima' was produced from the same buffalo. In the present case the donor cell was isolated from the urine of the donor animal. To our knowledge this is the first report in the world, across the species in which cloned embryos have been produced using somatic cells isolated from urine.

Sugar-free Kulfi

Real fruits and dry fruits-based sugar-free kulfi was developed by the scientists of the university. This product is 100% natural and free from artificial colours and synthetic flavours. In real-fruit category five flavours were prepared such as mango, sapota, banana, papaya and black grapes, and in dry-fruit category, two flavours viz. Shahi Anjeer and Dry Fruit Karanch. A new variety having Jayee and chocolate flavour were prepared for children. The cost of this dairy product is Rs 20-25. The shelf-life of real fruits and dry fruits is 15 days and 30 days respectively at 18°C temperature. Dr A.K. Srivastava, Director, launched this product on 1 June 2015 at NDRI Milk Parlour. BPD and TBI together provide six month training on “Preparation of dairy products” for unemployed youth. The university has allowed the trainees to sell their developed dairy products at NDRI Milk Parlour for 6 months. The developed products meet all the quality standards and are being prepared in the BPD laboratory under the guidance of NDRI scientists.

New Master's Programmes

Keeping in view the expanding needs of the manpower in the area of food processing, a new 2 year Master's course in “Food Science and Nutrition'' was introduced from the forthcoming academic session (2015-16). The course offers very good employment opportunities in food and health sector. Similarly, a new post-graduate course in Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology and Obstetrics was also introduced. The new academic programmes would further help the young scholars, in skill development.



ICAR, DAC Interface Meeting

ICAR, DAC Interface meeting
National Initiative on Climate- Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) and Department of Agriculture Meteorology, B.A. College of Agriculture, Anand organized a contingency preparedness interface meeting with various stakeholders on 29 May 2015. Dr D.M. Korat, ADR, acted as Nodal Officer of meeting. Dr M. Maheswari CRIDA, ICAR informed about the availability of contingency plans for 580 districts across India and informed about the efforts being made to create awareness among various stakeholders at district level on the needs for operalization of contingency plans. Dr Ashish Kumar Bhutani, JS, DAC, laid stress on the need to cover large number of farmers, especially from small
Demonstration under
Sardar Sarovar Project
and marginal farms, regarding crop-weather insurance programme.

Seed and Fertilizer Distribution under Sardar Sarovar Project

Demonstrations on Seed and Fertilizer distribution to the
beneficiary farmers' of System of Rice Intensification (SRI technique) were held on 25, 29 and 30 June 2015 by Sardar Sarovar Project working at Paddy Research station, Dabhoi. Total 60 beneficiary farmers got the kits of paddy seeds (var. GAR- 13) and fertilizers.

Distribution Programme of Maize Sheller

A training and distribution programme was organized by MMRS, AAU, Maize on 19 June 2015 at College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Godhra. Dr K.B. Kathiria, Director of Research and Dean (PG studies), inaugurated it. Dr M.L. Gaur, Principal, CAET, suggested of distribution of maize shellers procured under the project “Tribal Sub-Plan: Encouraging Tribal Youth/Women for adopting proven Agricultural engineering technology on mechanization, Value addition and Resource conservation in middle Gujarat” along with distribution of weeder from MMRS maize. Tubular maize shellers were distributed to 49 ST farmers to encourage them in adopting proven technologies. .

National-Level Elocution and Essay Competition

Dr M.S. Swaminathan,
distributing awards
The Extension activities and outreach programmes are undertaken at the colleges or institutes and 5 research centres of the university. The various extension activities include conduction of certificate courses, skill-development programmes, vocational training programmes, participation in exhibitions, demonstrations, farm-advisory services and bringing out extension publications for promoting fisheries.


Shri Sujan Singh with
Dr K.K. Katoch
Joint Review Meeting of ICAR institutes, SAUs and other departments

A joint review meeting of the ICAR institutes, both farm universities and all departments concerned with agricultural development in Himachal Pradesh, was held at the university on 22 May 2015. The chief guest, Shri Sujan Singh Pathania, Minister of Agriculture, MPP & Power, H.P., exhorted the farm scientists and officers to help small and marginal farmers with useful and affordable technologies. Dr K.K. Katoch, VC, told that climate change will affect agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry sectors, and the university was working to secure interests of farmers under uncertain climate conditions.

Seminar on e-Krishi Shiksha

Dr K.K. Katoch with
Dr R.C. Goyal
An Awareness-cum-Online Demonstration Seminar on e-learning portal on 'Agricultural Education; e-Krishi Shiksha' was organized at the university on 11 June 2015. The chief guest, Dr K.K. Katoch, VC, disclosed that the university was in the process to streamline its entire working, especially post-graduate and under-graduate education, by adopting information and communication technology. Dr R.C. Goyal, Emeritus Scientist, Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, sensitized the faculty of all the constituent colleges about e- Krishi Shiksha portal, developed and operated by the ICAR.

Group Meeting of All-India Network Project on Soil Arthopod Pests

Dr J.S. Sandhu with
Dr K.K. Katoch and others
A group meeting of All-India Network Project on Soil Arthropods was held at the university during 19-20 June 2015, in which scientists engaged in soil-arthropods research across the country took part. Dr J.S. Sandhu, DDG (Crop Sciences), ICAR, the chief guest, stressed for the

development of farmer-friendly technologies for the control of insect-pests and transfer of such technologies to the end-users. Dr K.K. Katoch, VC, told that soil arthropods are responsible for major losses in many crops. Besides, effective technologies to control these devastating pests should be devised, utmost care must be taken to protect the farmer-friendly insects.

Kisan Mela at Salli

Dr K.K. Katoch with farmers
The university organized a Kisan Mela at village Salli (distt. Shahpur) around 75 km from the university headquarters on 5 May 2014. In his presidential address Dr K.K. Katoch, VC, said that crop diversification can play a pivotal role in increasing the farm income. He asked the farmers to make use of all such programmes of the government that help them adopt modern farming and make their crop yields bountiful.
Dr Katoch also touched the issues related to conservation of traditional and local different crop varieties, and on the need of rearing milch animals and proper management of dairies.


National Workshop on Rural Electrification

Inaugural session of
national workshop
A national workshop on 'Sustainable, affordable and efficient rural electrification system' was organized by Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Technology, during 27 Feb. to 1 Mar. 2015, to find solution to the problems of rural electrification. The workshop was sponsored by Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd, New Delhi. The engineers, teachers, officers and students from reputed institutions and organizations, such as Indian Institutes of Technology; Energy and Resource Institute, New Delhi; Regional Engineering College, New Delhi; Uttarakhand Hydro Electricity Corporation, Dehradun; Green Power Solution and Range Ceramics; various engineering colleges of Uttarakhand etc. enthusiastically participated and shared their experiences and expertise.


Visit of NABARD Chief General Manager

Dr A.S. Nanda with
Shri Naresh Gupta & others
Shri Naresh Gupta, Chief General Manager, NABARD, Punjab Regional office, visited the university to have an overview of the NABARD- funded projects being implemented here. He interacted with Dr A.S. Nanda, VC. The NABARD is supporting different construction projects in the university, construction of College of Fisheries, New Demonstration Milk Plant unit, building of School of Animal Biotechnology and Veterinary referral Hospital is going on. Shri Gupta was taken around the construction sites to have a first-hand view of the state of construction of the projects. He expects that the tie-up of NABARD with GADVASU in implementing the Area-Development Scheme based on dairy for the last 3 years would be taken up at the new level. After completion of these projects the GADASU is expected to utilize the expertise arising out of its various research projects for transfer to the dairy farmers for their economic benefit. The innovative solutions for improvement of income opportunities to the farmers, through lab to field initiatives of the NABARD and the GADVASU are expected to mitigate the vagaries of climate.

Women at Dairy Farming Training

Dairy farming training was organized by Department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education, for the farmers of Punjab and neighbouring states, in which 75 trainees including 7 ladies participated. Dr H.K. Verma,
Dr H.K. Verma, presenting
Director of Extension Education, said on completion of this the unemployed youth can start their enterprise, which can provide the needed employment as well as diversify the agriculture. He said that this was a complete capsule training that prepares the farmers to undertake dairying as an enterprise and also sensitize the trainees to have strong liaison with GADVASU for their further needs and help them in tackling the problems of this enterprise.
Dr M.P. Gupta, Professor-cum-Head, said that the experts from College of Veterinary Science delivered their lectures on various aspects of dairy farming. The farmers were advised to have proper planning on land, funds and availability of loans etc. They were also guided to keep high yielding dairy animals in their herds. Instructions were provided for constructing cheap but comfortable sheds for their animals, to train them in better hygienic conditions and excellent management. A major part of the expenditure in dairy farming is on feed and fodder. The farmers were guided to make the green fodder available to their animals throughout the year. They were encouraged to make the concentrate feed and prepare the silage at the farm itself. They were trained to differentiate between healthy and sick animals. Role of regular vaccination, deworming and hygiene in prevention of the diseases was stressed upon. The first-aid methods for various ailments were taught and practical demonstrations were held. Tips for timely detection of heat, timely artificial insemination, and the care of pregnant and new-born animals were emphasized. Dr Udeybir Singh, Course Co-ordinator of the training, informed that all the farmers showed great interest in learning new technicalities of dairy farming.

Visit of Delegation from Nuffield Global Farming Scholars

Dr S.N.S. Randhawa and
Dr S.S. Singh with
foreign delegates
A seven member delegation from Nuffield Global Farming Scholars, including the Scholar Farmers from Australia, New Zealand and Brazil visited the university.
Dr S.N.S. Randhawa gave a brief introduction of the university and its different research activities to the delegates. Dr Simrat Sagar Singh, Dean (Post-Graduate) studies, revealed the functioning of the university in higher education. Dr Sushil Prabhakar, Registrar, described the important and vital international collaborations and exchange programmes. The meeting was attended by senior faculty members of the university.

Keynote Address in International Symposium

Dr Parkash Singh Brar
addressing Symposium
India participated in an International symposium on Dairy Animal Reproduction, organized by University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, (Pakistan) in collaboration with Society for Animal Reproduction, (Lahore, Pakistan) on the theme: 'New knowledge: new techniques'. From Department of Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Dr Parkash Singh Brar, Prof-cum-Head, delivered the keynote address on 'Recent advances in understanding and approaches to reproductive disorders in dairy animals. Dr V.K. Gandotra and Dr S.P.S. Ghuman also presented their work on 'Effect of heat stress on buffalo reproduction, and oestrus synchronization protocols applied under field conditions to improve animal reproduction.' Dr Brar also chaired a technical session wherein students from Turkey, Pakistan etc. presented their works on goats, as well as male and female animals.

Entrepreneurship Development Programme

The Department of Livestock Products Technology, organized a Entrepreneurship Development Programme on “Hygienic processing and value addition of meat and meat products for employment generation and women empowerment” from 29 Dec. 2014 to 24 Jan. 2015. Ministry of Food Processing Industries under National Mission on Food Processing sponsored the programme. Total 32 trainees including SC/ST/women and the minority candidates from 3 states participated in it. Total 67 lectures were delivered, with 24 hands -on- training practicals, financial institutions

Dr M.K. Chatli with
entrepreneur participants
experts from various disciplines and visits to poultry processing and meat plants were arranged. Dr M.K. Chatli, Head, Department of LPT, was the Course Director and Dr O.P. Malav (Assistant Professor), Dr Nitin Mehta (Assistant Professor), Dr Pavan Kumar (Assistant Meat Technologist) were the Course Co-ordinator, Co-Course Co-ordinator and Treasurer respectively. Seven trainees have already set up their meat-processing units; and they are preparing and marketing the different meat products.

Technology to Industries

Dr V.K. Taneja releasing
the technology to Industries
The Department of Livestock Products Technology transferred three technologies to the industries during 2014-15.The concerned persons were trained on technical knowhow of the technologies at the department. The technology of preparation of Shelf-stable pork pickle was
transferred to Arohan Foods Private Ltd, Guwahati (Assam) and the technologies of preparation of egg sauce/dip and egg nuggets was transferred to M/s Raja Poultry Farms 'Peggs', Rajpura (Punjab).


Technology and Machinery Demonstration Fair

Dr A.R. Pathak
addressing farmers
The Fair was organized at College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology on 23 Mar. 2015 jointly by All-India Co-ordinated Research Projects (ICAR) on PHT (Post Harvest Technology), FIM (Farm Implements & Machinery), IWM (Irrigation Water Management), and PET (Plasti-culture Engineering and Technology) functioning at the CAET. Shri Vinubhai Hapani, Chairman, APMC, Junagadh, inaugurated it. Dr A.Y. Desai, Director of Research; Dr A.M. Parakhia, Director of Extension Education; Dr N.K. Gontia, Principal, CAET; Shri Dineshbhai Khanpara, President, Gujarat Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers' Association, Rajkot; and Shri Hasmukhbhai Gohil, Manufacturer, Tirth Agro, Rajkot, were present on this occasion.

Krishi Mahotsav 2015

Smt. Anandiben Patel,
observing Krishi Pradarshani
Smt. Anandiben Patel, CM, Gujarat, launched Saurashtra zone's Krishi Mahotsav Mega Event at Shihor (distt Bhavnagar), on 5 May 2015, covering Pashu Aarogya Mela, Krishi Mela and Krishi seminar. The event for Saurashtra region was organized jointly by Junagadh Agricultural University and Bhavnagar District Administration. On this occasion, she inaugurated Agriculture ITI (Industrial Training Institute) and dedicated Balram hostel (for students from farmers' families) at Mahuva, and also dedicated "Junagadh Janvani" Community Radio Station of the university, to the people. She highlighted the government's initiative for agricultural development in the state.

Community Radio Station for Farmers

Shri Mohanbhai Kundaria, Union Minister of State for Agriculture, Government of India, inaugurated the broadcasting ceremony of Junagadh Janvani 91.2 FM, a newly established Community Radio Station of the University for Farmers on 23 Jun. 2015. The occasion was graced by Shri Jashabhai Barad, Minister of Agriculture, Government of Gujarat; Dr A.R. Pathak, VC; Shri Rajesh Chudasma, M.P.; Shri
Shri Mohanbhai Kundaria,
inaugurating Janvani Radio Station
Mahendra Mashru, MLA; Jitubhai Hirpara, Mayor, Junagadh; Kanubhai Bhalala, Former Minister of Agriculture, Gujarat; Bhikhudanbhai Gadhvi, Folk artist, etc. The university is the first to start such a community radio station service for the farmers. In his presidential address, Shri Mohanbhai Kundaria appreciated the efforts made by the University for introducing such a unique service for the farmers. This radio station service is available in Junagadh city and in the 15 km surrounding area, covering 70 villages. The main broadcast takes place at 7.30 am daily, with re-broadcast at 1.30 pm and 5.30 pm. In the initial phase, the programmes on horticulture, animal husbandry, education, literature, culture, folk art, health etc subjects are available to the listeners.

Lokarpan and Stone-Laying Ceremony

Shri Babubhai Bokhiria,
at Lokarpan ceremony of Dolphin
boys' hostel building
Shri Babubhai Bokhiria, Minister of Agriculture, Government of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, performed Lokarpan ceremony of buildings viz., Dolphin Boys' Hostel and Hands-On-Training Centre (Aquaculture), and Stone-Laying Ceremony of the building of Fisheries College, at JAU, Veraval on 20 June 2015. Shri Jasabhai Barad, Minister of Agriculture (State), Government of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, Dr A.R. Pathak, VC, and Dr A.Y. Desai, Director of Research were present on this occasion.


MoU with HKCAL for Training

Dr S.M. Shivaprakash, distributing
certificates to the participants
Dr S.M. Shivaprakash, Directorate of Extension, signed MoU with Hyderabad-Karnataka Centre for Advanced Learning, Kalaburagi, to train 1,500 unemployed youth and women of 18-35 age-groups for creating entrepreneurship in Dairy farming. About 450 youth and women have been trained with the technical support of faculty from Veterinary College, Bidar. The programmes are coordinated by Dr Prakash Kumar Rathod, Assistant Professor, Veterinary College, Bidar. The programmes are sponsored by Zilla Panchayat, Bidar (Karnataka), through “Rajiv Gandhi Chaitanya Yojane” of Karnataka Livelihood Mission.


Facility for Quality Assurance of Foods of Animal Origin

Maj. Gen. (Dr) Shrikant
visiting the facility
Department of Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology, LUVAS, established the facility for quality assurance of foods of animal origin under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna. Maj. Gen. (Dr) Shrikant, VC, visited this laboratory. In this laboratory, samples derived from animals such as milk, meat and their products will be tested for detection of important food-borne pathogens as well as antibiotic residues in them. Facilities for pathogen detection by PCR and antibiotic residues by HPLC techniques have been established. This facility will help increase the income of producers by selecting highly priced quality products.

Training on Diagnostic Vet Ultrasonography

Dr R.K. Chandolia with trainees
Training on “Diagnostic Vet Ultrasonography” for Remount Veterinary Corps was held during 13-22 Apr. 2015. Dr R.K. Chandolia was the Course Director of this training. In this training there were RVC officers, viz. Major Raghav Sharma from EBS, Hisar; Capt. Mukesh Sihag from EBS, Babugarh; Capt. Rishi Sharma from RTS & D, Saharanpur; and Capt Jaipaul Chauhan from RTS & D. Hempur. The officers were given training on equine, canine and bovine for 10 days.

Regional Referral Veterinary Diagnostic and Extension Centres

The Board of Management of LUVAS in its meeting decided to establish two RVDEC of LUVAS at Uchani (Karnal) and Mahendergarh. These centres will provide specialized services to the sick and lame animals, viz Surgical, Clinical, Gynaecological, diseases diagnosis and extension services. These regional centres will also provide animal breeding and management practices to facilitate improvement of the productivity of livestock, thereby uplifting the socio- economic status of poor farmers of the state.

Refresher Training

Dr Shrikant awarding
The Department of Veterinary Microbiology organized refresher training during 3-23 Feb. 2015, on the topic: "Capacity building for safe exchange of bovine germplasm conforming to SPS standards”. The trainees from Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana participated in it. Dr Shrikant, VC, was the Chief Guest of the valedictory function. He highlighted the important challenges to conserve and develop precious breeds of domestic animals and their germplasm.


7th Convocation

Dr Mangla Rai awarding
degree to student
The Seventh Convocation of the university, for conferment of degrees to successful candidates of the examinations held in the academic year 2013-14 was organized on 20 Apr. 2015. The convocation was presided over by Shri Chennamaneni Vidyasagar Rao, Governor of Maharashtra and Chancellor of the university. Dr Mangla Rai, former DG, ICAR & Secretary, DARE and VC, GBPUAT, Pantnagar (Uttarakhand), chief guest of this function delivered the convocation address.
Total 441 degrees were conferred during the convocation in the field of Veterinary, Dairy Technology and Fishery Science Faculties for graduates, post-graduates and Ph.D. students. Total 32 medals including 24 gold and 8 silver medals were awarded for outstanding academic performance at B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., B.F.Sc. and B.Tech degree programmes.

MoU between MAFSU and NRCM on Meat

Mr V.V. Rane and Dr V.V.
Kulkarni, signing MoU
A memorandum of understanding between National Research Centre on Meat, Hyderabad; and Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University was signed on 26 May 2015 at the university head quarter for facilitating collaborative research and extension activities. Mr V.V. Rane, Registrar; and Dr V.V. Kulkarni, Director, NRC on Meat, Hyderabad; signed the MoU in the presence of Prof. A.K. Misra, VC; Dr N.N. Zade, Director of Extension and Training and Dr D.R. Kalorey, Director of Research.

MoU between MAFSU and MSSRF

A memorandum of understanding between M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation and Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University was signed on 8 Jun. 2015 at the university head quarter.
The purpose of this MoU is to set forth the understanding and possible areas of collaboration to support the small holder
and landless farmers in the Farming system for nutrition project villages under “Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia” in animal-farming activities like animal husbandry, fisheries and any other activity that is pro-nutrition and can be economically viable, including livestock management and animal health, with access to quality fodder and feed. Mr V.V. Rane, Registrar; and Ms R.V. Bhavani, Project Manager, LANSA, MSSRF, signed the MoU in the presence of Prof. A.K. Misra.

5th Dr C.R. Sane Oration

Prof. A.K. Misra, inaugurating
the 5th Dr C.R. Sane Oration
On the occasion of his birth anniversary the fifth Dr C.R. Sane Oration was held on 12 May 2015 at Bombay Veterinary College. Prof. A.K. Misra, delivered the oration on “Emerging reproductive technology to augment fertility, fecundity & animal productivity”.
The Alumni Association and Department of Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Bombay Veterinary College, organized the oration. Dr V.L. Deopurkar, former Director of Research, and President of the oration, also guided the participants. Dr A.M. Paturkar, Associate Dean, ex-officio President of Alumni Association, briefed upon the activities of the Association and the college. The journal of Bombay Veterinary College was released on this occasion.


Global Social Science Conference

Awareness Workshop on
Genetically Modified crops
An Awareness workshop on key issues related to genetically modified crops was organized by MPKV, Rahuri in collaboration with M/s Biotech Consortium India Ltd, New Delhi at YASHADA, Pune, on 17 Jan. 2015. It focussed the increasing role of scientists and officials at the state level in development and evaluation of GM crops. Total 150 participants including scientists of the Vidyapeeth, representatives of the ICAR institutes, State Department, Biotechnology colleges, Shetkari Sangathan and students attended the workshop. Eminent dignitaries including Dr Anil Kakodkar, Chairman, State Government Committee on GM crops; Dr T.A More, VC; Shri Vikas Deshmukh, Commissioner (Agriculture); Dr B. Venkateswarlu, VC, VNMKV, Parbhani; Dr R.B. Deshmukh, former VC, MPKV, Rahuri; Dr R.S. Patil, Director of Research; and Dr Vibha Ahuja Chief General Manager, BCIL, New Delhi, were present at the inaugural function of the workshop.


34th Convocation

Dignitaries on the dias
The 34th Convocation of the university was held on 7 May 2015. H.E. Dr S.C. Jamir, Governor of Odisha and Chancellor of the university, presided over the function; and Sj. Pradeep Maharathy, Pro- chancellor and Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Resource development; Odisha attended the function as the guest of honor. Padma Bhushan Prof. Madappa Mahadevappa, former VC, UAS, Dharwad, was the chief guest, who delivered the convocation address. Prof. Mahadevappa and Dr Robert Stewart Zeigler, DG and CEO, IRRI, Manila (Philippines), were conferred with Honorary Doctorates in recognition of their illustrations services in the field of agricultural sciences. In this Thirty-Fourth Convocation, 1245 graduates, 683 post-graduates and 25 Ph. D. students were conferred degrees in various disciplines.
Dignitaries on the dias
Besides, 200 gold medals and 11 cash prizes were also awarded to those who excelled in their academic pursuit and co- curricullar activities during the academic session 2013-14 and 2014-15.

Meeting of State Research and Extension Council

A meeting of state-level research council and extension council was held

during 2-6 Jun. 2015 in the Dr M.S. Swaminathan Conference Hall of the university. H.E. Sj. B.P. Sethi, Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Fisheries and AnimalResource Resource Development, Government of Odisha, graced the occasion as the guest of honor and addressed the gathering.

Release of Seven New Crop Varieties

Dignitaries visiting fair stalls
Seven crop varieties were released from the Directorate of Research, i.e. three of rice and one each of linseed, hybrid arhar, ragi and black-gram. The prominent research findings included soil application of Zinc @5 kg/ha or root dipping with:
  1. ZnO solution 0.4% recommended for rice crop under rice-rice cropping system.
  2. To check soil-potassium depletion, higher dose of potassium (60 kg K2O/ha) or incorporation of straw is recommended.
  3. Rice-maize ladyfinger was recommended as the most remunerative cropping system for coastal Odisha.
  4. Application of pendimethalin @ 750 g/ha as PE (0-3 DAT), followed by bispyribac sodium @ 25 g/ha as post-emergence (25 DAT) proved the best combination for control of complex weed flora in transplanted rice.
  5. Application of pyrazosulfuron @ 20 g/ha as pre-emergence stage (0-3 DAS) followed by biospyribac sodium @ 25 g/ha as post-emergence (25 DAS) proved the best combination to control complex weed flora in direct-seeded rice.
  6. Eight potato varieties tested and proved suitable under Odisha condition found suitable were Kufri Ashoka for 60 days, K. Surya and K. Jyoti for 60-75 and 90 days,
  7. Khyati for 75 and 90 days.


Release of Four New Varieties

PAU Kinnow-2
  1. Kinnow
    PAU Kinnow-2: The variety was produced through mutation breeding of kinnow, it is a mid-season variety that matures in January. Its fruits are low-seeded (0-10 seeds/fruit) compared with those of kinnow (12-36 seeds / fruit). The flesh is orange-coloured and juicy, with a rich and sweet flavour, with 10-11 TSS and 0.8 - 0.9 % acidity. The yield of a 5-year old plant is 59.5 kg
  2. Tomato
    Punjab Varkha

    Punjab Varkha Bahar-4: It is a determinate variety with green and dense foliage, in which the first picking is possible after 88 days of transplanting. It is suitable for cultivation in rainy or autumn season. It is resistant to leaf- curl virus. Its TSS is 3.8% and lycopene content is 3.13 mg /100 g of fresh weight. Average yield is 611 q/ha.
  3. Broccoli:
    Palam Samridhi

    Palam Samridhi: Its heads are compact and light green, with an average weight of 300 g. Its average yield is 182 q/ha. The cultivar is nutritionally rich, particularly in flavonoids and glucosinolates, which are known to be anti- cancerous compounds.
  4. Radish:
    This variety is suitable for growing in October. Roots become marketable 47 days after sowing. Roots are 34.1 cm long, white, smooth, crisp and semi-stumped. These remain non-pithy till 65 days of sowing. Its average yield is 620 q/ha.

Food Industry Centre Dedicated to Farmers

The Food Industry Centre of the university established with the technical co- operation of Ohio State University, (the USA) and financial help from the ICAR, New Delhi, is fast emerging as one-point facility for providing value addition in the state. The technology priorities for the FIC are minimal processing techniques, heat preservation techniques, drying and dehydration, bottling of juices and beverages,
Food Industry Centre
extrusion processing and soy milk processing. The FIC has opened 4 lines for training the farmers especially the youths of the state. These lines include fruit and vegetable processing, canning lines, milling and soya processing. Apart from imparting value-addition skills to the farmers, the testing and analytical facilities of the centre are being used by research scholars as well as various food industries and entrepreneurs of the state.


Visit of Smt. Hema Malini

Smt. Hema Malini inaugurating
Go Anusandhan Sansthan Parisar
Smt. Hamamalini, Member of Parliament, Mathura, visited the university on 28 Apr. 2015. She inaugurated Go Anusandhan Sansthan Parisar and dedicated it to the service of the nation. The mandate of the Sansthan is to carry out research on conservation of native breeds of cattle in India, to improve the production of cattle, to prepare various products by value addition in cow milk and milk products etc. At the onset, a meeting was convened with senior officers and in- charge officers of the university. Prof. A.C. Varshney, VC, welcomed her and briefed about various academic and other activities of the university. On this occasion Prof. S.K. Garg, Dean, College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, made a brief presentation about overall university activities. Smt. Hema Malini visited the museum, dairy farm and poultry unit of the university.

Visit of Dr Sanjeev Kumar Balyan

Dr Sanjeev Kumar Balyan exploring
the museum with Dr A.C. Varshneya
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Balyan, Union Minister of State for Agriculture, visited the university on 15 June 2015. He interacted with Dr A.C. Varshney, VC, and senior officers on various issues of university and Rashtriya Gokul Mission Project. In his discussion with VC, he informed that very shortly the university may get this project and funds will be made available. He also visited museum and new campus of the university.


Skill-Development Programme

The Directorate of Extension Education of the university organized a skill development programme on "Tailor Ladies" for 25 rural women for 80 days. It was sponsored by Rajasthan Skill & Livelihood Development Corporation, Jaipur. This programme was initiated on 1 Jan. 2015 and concluded on 20 Apr. 2015 at SKN College of Agriculture, Jobner. Shri Ankur Sharma, District Manager, RSLDC, Jaipur was the chief guest.

Visit of Australian Delegation

Australian Scientists discussing
various points with senior officers
An Australian delegation of two members viz., Dr Katheleen Soole , Deputy Dean, School of Biological Sciences; and Dr Colin Jenkins, Associate Professor from University of Flinders, Adelaide, (Australia) visited SKN College of Agriculture, Jobner, and RARI, Durgapura, campuses of the university during 29-30 May 2015, to explore the possibilities of collaborative research programmes.


Training on "Virological Technologies in Fish Diseases"

Summer training on "Virological techniques in fish-disease diagnosis" for 10 days was organized in the Department of Fish Pathology and Health Management at Fisheries College and Research Institute during 4-13 May 2015. In the concluding session, Dr G. Sugumar, Dean In-charge, informed that such programmes offered by the department of Fish Pathology and Health Management would really help the needy personnel working in the field to identify the pathogens and help the farmers

Trainee receiving certificates
in early diagnosis of infections. Dr Sugumar distributed the certificates to the participants, the fisheries degree- holders from Fisheries College of Andhra Pradesh. Prof. Rosalind George, Director of the course, explained about the training programme, which laid emphasis on different virological techniques, including PCR detection of DNA and RNA viruses and, real-time PCR technique for virus quantitation in the samples.

MoU with EU Delegation

Signing of MoU
A high-level delegation consisting of Dr Rosario Berriel, Vice-Rector of International Relations; Prof. Sadasivam Kaushik, European Research Area, Chair of EU Ecoaqua project at the ULPGC (ECOAQUA- ULPGC); Prof. Marisol Izquierdo, Director of Research Group in Aquaculture (GIA-ULPGC); and Prof. Ricardo Haroun, Director of Research Group in Biodiversity and Conservation (BIOCON-ULPGC) visited the university during 4-6 June 2015.
A framework agreement between the TNFU and University of Las Palmas De Gran Canaria (Spain), for the development of mutual academic and research programme, was signed on 4 June 2015. Accordingly, provisions were made between the ULPGC and the TNFU for 3 years in the following areas:
  1. Development and transmission of education and culture at a general level between both institutions;
  2. Development of Higher Education teaching and scientific and technological research;
  3. Exchange of post-graduate students and training staff;
  4. Exchange of academic materials and publications;
  5. Collaborative research programme, seminars and workshops;
  6. Faculty development programme of mutual interest;
  7. Joint consultancies; and
  8. Other education and research activities as deemed appropriate and mutually agreed by both parties
The team visited Fisheries College and Research Institute, Thoothukudi, on 5 June 2015.
Prof. S. Kaushik
with EU members
Prof. Sadasivam Kaushik, Prof. Marisol Izquierdo, and Prof. Ricardo Haroun made presentations on the academic and research activities of the ULPGCA, Spain and held discussion with the staff and post-graduate students of the institute on the possible areas of co- operation. The team members were impressed with the research activities and infrastructure at the FCRI, and assured that their joint programmes would commence soon. According to Dr G. Sugumar, Dean In-charge, the exchange of post-graduate students and collaborative research will be given priority, and will be initiated as a part of the MoU between the two universities.

Election of Dr S. Felix as Director WAS-APC

Dr S. Felix
Dr S. Felix, Dean, FCRI, Ponneri was been elected as the Director of World Aquaculture Society-Asia Pacific Chapter (WAS-APC) for a term of 2 years with effect from 1 June 2015. The WAS will host Aquaculture Chennai 2016 to bring in experts for sharing their expertise with our farmers, scientists, fish farmers and all other stakeholders. Dr Felix has been instrumental in getting the Boards' approval for publication of the scientific journal of WAS magazine in Telugu and Tamil to benefit our farmers, students and scholars.


Awards to Public Health Scientists

The forty-ninth convocation of the university was held on 14 Mar. 2015 at Bengaluru. Dr H. Shivanna, VC, welcomed the gathering and presented a brief report on the
Dignitaries on the dias
progress of the university. H.E. Shri Vajubhai Vala, Governor of Karnataka and Chancellor of the university presided over the convocation. Shri Krishna Byregowda, Minister of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka, and Pro- chancellor of the university, awarded Ph.D. degrees to 67 Master degrees to 204 and Bachelor degrees to 574 students, and presented medals to meritorious students.
Bharat Ratna Prof. C.N.R. Rao, National Research Professor, Linus Pauling Research Professor and Honorary President of Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bengaluru delivered the convocation address. Prof. C.N.R. Rao called upon scientists to address the problems of food security, energy and water productivity by adopting the state of art technologies. He advised students not to give up easily on research endeavors by observing that "to prove something in agricultural science, you need to wait with patience".

Inauguration of Phenomics Facility

Dr S. Ayyappan inaugurating
Dr S. Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE and DG, ICAR, New Delhi, inaugurated Phenomics Facility at Department of Crop Physiology, College of Agriculture, of the university on 14 Mar. 2015.
A novel phenomics platform was developed at Department of Crop Physiology, with funding support from the ICAR under its Niche Area of Excellence programme, in collaboration with IISc, Bengaluru. This facility can be effectively adopted for screening a mapping population and for germplasm leading to mapping QTL and for assessing the functional relevance of specific genes or QTL introgressed lines.


Training on Weedicide Use

Dr B. Venkateswarlu
addressing participants
A model training on 'Rational weedicide use for better crop productivity', sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, was organized during 6-13 Jan. 2015 by Directorate of Research and Department of Agronomy, Parbhani. Dr B. Venkateswarlu, VC, inaugurated the function. The participants from State Agriculture Department and KVKs from different parts of the state including faculty members participated in the training.

Dr P. Bhattacharya Memorial Award

The university released five varieties of various crops, one each of jowar, paddy, chilli and two of cotton, along with 1 innovative farm implement. Twenty one research recommendations pertaining to Agronomy, Soil Science, Entomology, Horticulture, Food Technology, Home Science, Agricultural Engineering etc. were also approved in the 43rd joint Agresco meet held at MPKV, Rahuri during 28-30 May 2015.

Jowar: SPH 1641

The kharif jowar hybrid, SPH 1641, is high yielding compared with the checks, and is tolerant to black mould, stem fly and stem borer. Hence it is recommended for cultivation in rainy season kharif in Maharashtra.

Cotton: NH 635

The American cotton NH 635 is a straight, high-yielding variety with superior fibre quality, and is tolerant to sucking pests, alterneria and blacterial blight. Hence it is recommended for cultivation under rainfed condition in Maharashtra.

Cotton: NHH 250

The American cotton hybrid 250 is high yielding has better fiber quality with tolerance to sucking pests, as well as alternaria, and bacterial blight. This variety is recommended for cultivation under rainfed condition in Maharashtra.

Chilli: PBNC1

The chilli PBNC1 is high yielding variety for green chilli recommended for kharif season in Marathwada region.

Paddy: PBNR 03-02

The paddy PBNR 03-02 recorded higher yield and long grain size over the checks the Parag and Avishkar. Hence it is recommended for irrigated condition in Marathwada region.

Kharif Farmers Rally

Prof. Ram Shinde,
addressing rally
The university organized Kharif farmers' rally on the eve of 43rd University foundation day, the 18 May 2015. Prof. Ram Shinde, State Minister for Agriculture was the chief guest; and Dr V.M. Mayande, former VC, DPDKV, Akola was the guest of honor. Dr B. Venkateswarlu, VC, presided over the function. The programmes included: (i) An agricultural exhibition showcasing technologies and activities of the university, State Department of Agriculture, KVKs, NGOs, SHGs co-operative sectors and private companies; (ii) Seminar on different topics and Shivapheri attracted more than 6,000 farmers including farm women, youths, entrepreneurs and extension personnel; (iii) Fecilitation to progressive farmers who were awardees of Vasantrao Naik Krishi Bhushan, Jijamata Krishi Bhushan, Vasantrao Naik Shetinishth Shetkari, Udyan Pandit.

MoU with MHSCL, Mumbai

MoU signing between VNMKV,
Parbhani and MHSCL, Mumbai
The VNMKV, Parbhani and MHSCL, Mumbai signed memorandum of understanding on 27 Apr. 2015 to carry out research on reddening of cotton in the region. This MoU will also facilitate PG students to carry out the innovative research programmes. Dr D.P. Waskar, Director of Research signed the MoU on behalf of VNMKV, Parbhani.


1st Convocation

1st Convocation
The first convocation of the university was held on 27 Mar. 2015 in the presence of distinguished chief guest Dr S. Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE & DG, ICAR and members of the Board of Management, Academic Council and University Officers. The out turn of students from 2007 to 2014 was 1149 i.e. B.Sc. (Hons.)
Dr S. Ayyappan awarding
Dr M. Rajashekar
Horticulture-908, M.Sc. (Hort.) - 227 and Ph.D.- 14. Four girl students received Smt Anne Shikhamany Memorial Gold Medal for securing highest OGPA in their UG Programme. Similarly seven post graduate students were awarded Shri T.B. Dasarathi Gold Medal for their meritorious performance. The Best Scientist Award was presented to Dr. M. Rajashekar, Senior Scientist (Horticulture) and Dr. K. Swarajya Lakshmi, Associate Professor (Horticulture) received the Best Teacher Award.

Launch of e-Newsletter

Dr B.M.C. Reddy, launching
the 1st issue of the e-Newsletter
The university launched its first edition of fortnightly e-Newsletter on 17 Jun. 2015 by Dr B.M.C. Reddy, VC, the newsletter circulated to all the SAUs, ICAR institutions,and Agriculture to share the happenings at the university.

Annual Review Meeting of NHM Programme

Annual Review Meeting of NHM programmes of Directorate of Arecanut and Spices Development was conducted during 19-20 Jun. 2015 at the university campus, in which 60 delegates from all the SAUs and ICAR institutions working on spices participated.



Dr K.K. Khose receiving award

Programme Officer Appreciation Certificate Award

Shri Vinodji Tavde, Minister of Higher and Technical Education, Maharashtra State, felicitated Dr K.K. Khose, Assistant Professor,
Department of Poultry Science, Post-graduate Institute of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Akola, with "Programme Officer Appreciation Certificate Award" at a grand ceremony in Mumbai on 8 June 2015.


Best Paper Award to Mr F. Parthiban

Mr F. Parthiban receiving award
Mr F. Parthiban, Assistant Professor, Department of Fish Processing Technology, Fisheries College and Research Institute, Ponneri, received the Best Paper Award during the first National Conference (theme: Tamil Can Do-Fishery) organized jointly by TANUVAS, Chennai and Agricultural Scientific Tamil Society, New Delhi, during 13-14 June 2015 at Madras Veterinary College, Chennai.


Chaudhary Devi Lal AICRP Award

Chaudhary Devi Lal Outstanding All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) Award for 2014 was announced to AICRP on Palms, Kasargod and its AICRP centre, Ambajipeta, Andhra Pradesh.
Kovvur centre of Dr YSRHU was awarded the Best AICRP centre for fruits by ICAR for the year 2015 at 2nd Annual Group Meeting organized at MPUAT, Udaipur, (Rajasthan).


Prof. Akhtar Haseeb Joins as VC, NDUAT, Faizabad (U.P.)

Prof. Akhtar Haseeb, took over as VC, NDUAT, Faizabad on 21 Oct. 2014. He was born in the year, 1955, in district Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, did his M.Sc. in 1976, M.Phil in 1977 and Ph.D. in 1983 from AMU, Aligarh. He started his career as a Scientist in 1983 from CIMAP, Lucknow and elevated to Sr. Asstt. Director. His significant contribution to the CIMAP, Lucknow includes the development of a high yielding clone of Mentha arvensis cv. Himalaya. It gained an International Patent and also received CSIR - Technology Award (1999) as a team member. In 1997, he joined as Professor in Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh and held many responsible positions: Chairman, Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences; Dean, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences; Controller of Examinations and Admissions, Officer-on-Special Duty (Development), etc. Prof. Haseeb is a Fellow of 10 and Life Member of 13 Scientific Societies; elected President, Nematological Society of India (2016-18).
Prof. Akhtar Haseeb
He has been Scientific Advisor of the Bioengineering and Biological Sciences, Varanasi; Member and advisor in number of important organizations in U.P. and New Delhi.
Prof. Haseeb visited Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences, North Florida Research and Education Center, University of Florida and Georgia as well as 13 other universities and agricultural farms in the USA. He has completed many research projects of major prestigious funding agencies like ICAR, NATP, DBT, UPCAR, UPCST, AICRP-Nematodes - ICAR, etc. He supervised many M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D. students, research associates, etc. He has published 144 research papers in national and international journals of repute. Prof. Haseeb has received "Vigyan Gaurav Award"-UPCST (UP); "Recognition award - gold medal,", "Life Time Achievement Award-", "Outstanding Scientist Award", "Plant Pathology Leadership Award" and "Plant Nematology Leadership Award", Indian Phytopathological Society, "Prof. M.S. Pavgi Lecture Award" "Prof. V.P. Bhide Memorial Award Lecture", "Rishi - Nematode Management"-"Honor of Distinction ", "Dr B. Vasantharaj David Award", and "Late Shri P.P. Singhal Memorial Award ".