The National Dairy Research Institute metamorphosed from the erstwhile Imperial Institute for Animal Husbandry and Dairying, established in the name of Imperial Research Institute, Bangalore in 1923. In 1955 headquarter shifted to Karnal. The Institute has acquired Deemed University status since 1989.

It is premed in Asia Institute is provide high-quality education in the field of dairying, recognized as the Centre of Advanced Studies in Dairy Cattle Breeding and Dairy Technology.

Its major achievements are:

The development of two high milk-producing strains of cattle, Karan Fries and Karan Swiss by crossbreeding followed by selection; world’s first buffalo calf, which was born through in-vitro maturation and in-vitro fertilization of buffalo oocytes; technologies for increasing milk production in lactating cattle and buffaloes by 20% through administration of recombinant derived bovine somato-trophin, without any adverse effect on the composition of milk and reproductive health of the animals; technologies and standardization of processes for manufacture of indigenous dairy products such as ghee, khoa and khoa-based sweets; processes for manufacture of different varieties of cheddar/gouda cheese from cow-buffalo or goat milk; infant food formulations; processes to profitably utilize whey solids by producing lactose; a kit for the detection of various adulterants. a composite management index for bovines to determine enhancing milk production;

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