11th National Symposium on: "Positioning NARES for Vocational Education" held at Madras Veterinary College, TNVASU, Chennai during 28th - 29th May, 2016.


  1. Steps need to be taken to curb mushrooming of private agriculture colleges in the country.
  2. Popularizing millet cultivation for nutritional security, resilient crops and reduce carbon foot print in livestock farming and technological development for mechanization in major horticultural crops.
  3. Skilled Development Programmes - Based on employability and demand potential to be identified in a scientific basis- Offering vocational training using polytechnic courses in crop production, animal husbandry, fisheries, farm machinery and food industry with financial support of Union and State Governments with uniform course content as possible with flexible option under bodies like ICAR, VCI etc. Level I KVKs, Level II SAUs.
  4. Improving entrepreneurial skills in students which should enable conservation of resources and overcome seasonal unemployment.
  5. Conservation of indigenous crops/ breeds with their role in agricultural and livestock farming.
  6. Focus on genetic screening of livestock, embryo sexing and semen sexing.
  7. Improved "Service delivers" for all sectors especially for pig farming.
  8. Establishing linkage to local demand and equal gender involvement.
  9. Technology Business Incubators: 'Start- ups' - Rural Vet Pharma involving Indian medicine, small farm machinery workshop etc. with IAUA to formulate a policy to develop a sustainable model of incubation centres.
  10. To go for quality publication for better impact than quantity.