The Central Agricultural University, Imphal is a multi-campus agricultural university, covering six different states of the North-Eastern Region of India including Sikkim. The university was established on 26 January 1993.

Main achievements of the University

During the decade of its existence, the construction work of College of Agriculture, Imphal, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Aizawl and College of Fisheries, Agartala have been completed. Regular undergraduate courses in different faculties have been started in Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences, Fisheries sciences and Horticultural sciences. With the absorption of the erstwhile Manipur Agriculture College, the College of Agriculture have started producing B. Sc. (Agric.) and M. Sc. (Agric.) degrees from 1993-94 onwards.

A high-yielding rice variety (6-7 tonnes/ha), suitable for valley conditions, CAUR 1 has been recommended for release in 1999. A tall mustard line CAU-M 1 evolved through cross between RH 484 B 965 yielding 12 tonnes/ha with an oil content of 38.5% is ready for release.