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   Indian Agricultural Universities Association, (IAUA) is nearing to complete 50 years in 2017, as it was established on 10 Nov, 1967 (Registration no. 3489). There were only 9 founder member agricultural universities; and their VCs were: founder president Dr P.N. Thaper, VC, PAU, Chandigarh (now Ludhiana); and members Shri V. Pulla Reddy, VC, APAU (now ANGRAU), Hyderabad; Dr J.S. Patel, VC, JNKW, Jabalpur; Shri D.P. Singh, VC, UPAU (now GBPUAT), Pantnagar; Dr K.C. Nair, VC, UAS, Bangaluru; Dr S.N. Das Gupta, VC, KU, Kalyani (now BCKV, Mohanpur); Dr K. Ramaiya, VC, OUAT, Bhubaneshwar; Dr G.S. Mahajani, VC, UU (now MPUAT), Udaipur; and Dr M.S. Swaminathan, Director, IARI, New Delhi.

   During this period there has been phenomenon increase in the number of agricultural universities. Till date we have 66 regular member universities, viz; 59 SAUs, 5 DUs (IARI, IVRI, NDRI, CIFE and SHIATS) and 2 CAUs (Imphal and BHU)). On specialization there are 42 Agricultural, 6 Horticultural; 15 Veterinary and Animal Sciences and 3 Fishery Science Universities. During the initial 30 years IAUA organized fewer events, i.e. 24 annual VCs' conventions, during 1972-99; but later on the events as well as their types (categories) increased, i.e. 39 events during 1999-2016 , including 16 VCs Conventions, 11 National Symposia, 6 Brain Storming Session, 6 Regional Committee Meetings. The main objective of the Association is to promote agricultural research, education and extension in the universities and the states, and thereby rural development in the country. It also acts as a bureau of information to facilitate communication, co-ordination and mutual consultation among agricultural universities. The Association also acts as a liaison between member universities and government departments to facilitate communication and expedite the needed action in matters of importance.

   All the SAUs and institutions (deemed-to-be universities and Central Agricultural Universities) in India, which provide an integrated programme of teaching, research and extension education in agricultural sciences, are qualified to become regular members of the Association.

   The Vice-Chancellors of member universities constitute the Association's General Body. The General Body meets once a year to decide the agenda for the next convention and other events and also to adopt to its audited accounts of the year besides approval of the budget estimates for the next financial year, the election of office-bearers for the following calendar year. The Executive Committee of the Association consists of President, Vice-President, Secretary-General, Treasurer and three members. The Executive Committee meets quarterly.

   The office of the Association is manned by Executive Secretary, who implements the decisions of General Body and Executive Committee on behalf of the Association. A quarterly newsletter is also being published by the Association since 2000, giving important news, events and achievements by member universities for the information of all the members and others interested. An Annual Report is also published, documenting all the activities of the year.

   The information on events and proceedings are published through the host universities, and the recommendations are also included in website ( and circulated to all the VCs of member universities and other main stake holders.

   The main source of revenue of the Association is the annual subscription from member universities. The ICAR also provides a nominal grant annually.



Executive Committee

   The Executive Committee of the Association takes decisions in its quarterly meetings, regarding its day-to-day functioning. Its directions on activities, events and policy matters are referred to the General Body for final approval and ratification. The composition of the Executive Committee during the year 2015 was as follows:

Executive Committee

1. Prof (Dr) M.C Varshneya, VC, KU, Gandhinagar 1-1-2015 to 31-12-2015
2. Dr K.S. Khokhar, VC, CCSHAU, Hisar 1-1-2015 to 31-12-2015
3. Dr K.M. Bujarbaruah, VC, AAU, Jorhat 1-1-2015 to 31-12-2015
4. Dr N .C Patel, VC, JAU, Junagadh 1-1-2015 to 31-12-2015
5. Dr V.S. Tomar, VC, JNKW, Jabalpur 1-1-2015 to 31-12-2015
6. Dr A.R. Pathak, VC, JAU, Junagadh 1-1-2015 to 31-12-2015
7. Dr A.K. Gahlot, VC, RUVAS, Bikaner 1-1-2015 to 31-12-2015
Special Invite from ICAR
8. Dr N.S. Rathore, DDG (Edn), ICAR 31-07-2015 continuing

    During the year 2015-16, four Quarterly Executive Committee meetings were held, viz. No. 1 of 2015 on 12 Mar, 2015 at IAUA, headquarter, New Delhi; No.2 of 2015 on 14 Jul, 2015 at IAUA, headquarter, New Delhi; No.3 of 2015 on 3 Oct, 2015 at IAUA, headquarter; and No.4 of 2015 on 2 Dec, 2015 at Fortune Select Grand Ridge Hotel, Tirupati.


General Body

The General Body Meeting was held on 2 Dec 2015, at Fortune Select Grand Ridge Hotel, Tirupati. The agenda items for the meeting were :

  1. Adoption of Association's audited accounts for the year 2015-16.

  2. Election of new Executive Committee for the calendar year 2016 :

The following members were elected :

1. Dr M.C. Varshneya, VC, KU, Gandhinagar President
2. Dr K.S. Khokhar, VC, CCSHAU, Hisar Vice-President
3. Dr K.M. Bujarbaruah, VC, AAU, Jorhat Secretary - General
4. Dr N.C. Patel, VC, AAU, Anand Treasure
5. Dr V.S. Tomar, VC, JNKW, Jabalpur Member
6. Dr A.R. Pathak, VC, JAU, Junagadh Member
7. Prof. A.K. Gahlot, VC, RUVAS, Bikaner Member
8. Dr N.S. Rathore, DDG (Edn), ICAR, New Delhi ICAR Representative

New Executive Committee Member of 2015


Editorial Board of IAUA Newsletter

1. Dr. R. P. Singh, Executive-Secretary, IAUA General, IAUA.
2. Dr Kirti Singh, ex-Chairman, ASRB
3. Dr C.S. Chakraboity, ex- President, IAUA (2013) & Ex- VC, WBUAFS, Kolkata
4. Dr Ramendra Singh, ex-Chief Agronomist, FAI
5. Mr. R. S. Gupta, ex-Editor (English), ICAR



1) 7th Brain storming session on: "Functional Livestock Products" held at ICAR-IVRI, Izatnagar (UP) on 6th June, 2015


  1. There is need to compile a data bank for the completed and ongoing research activities in the area of " Functional Livestock Products" to share the information and avoid the duplication of the work across the research organizations, educational institutes and industries. There should be close coordination between different research groups working on functional livestock products. Panel of experts, each for milk, meat and egg functional products shall be constituted to monitor and coordinate research activities at national level. A mega research project on the lines of " All India Coordinated Research Project" needs to be initiated by ICAR.
  2. Nutritional and health claims should be validated through nutritional analysis, in vitro; in vivo investigations (to determine bioavailability/ prophylactic/ therapeutic virtues) in laboratory animal models (e.g. rat, mice etc.) followed by substantiation with clinical trials. There is a need for identification of appropriate biomarkers to evaluate the efficacy of functional products. For this, collaborative research may be taken up with institutions like NIN and AI IMS.
  3. Efforts in producing functional milk, meat and egg shall be initiated at production level by promoting R&D work in the field of nutrition, genetics and management. There is a need of genetic selection of animals and identification of the genetic makers for selection of best animals for a specific functional ingredient.
  4. R&D facilities in research institutes should be scaled up/ modernized as per global standards to strengthen the analytical and technological skills of researchers/ technologists so that they can address the aspirations of industries and assist in successful commercialization of selected products.
  5. Multi- sectoral and multi- disciplinary approach including nutritionists, technologists, medical practitioners, toxicologists and marketing professionals should be adopted for developing and marketing of functional livestock products successfully.
  6. Product categories and research prioritization for functional livestock products should be initiated through meaningful consultations among stakeholders and accordingly goals may be set to meet the aspirations of consumers as it is envisaged in the form of vision documents.
  7. Strategic interventions need to be developed for marketing of the functional foods considering requirements, cost, convenience, health benefit and associated risk by adopting all food safety measures including traceability.
  8. Emphasis should be made on developing low cost composite functional livestock products using traditional knowledge to offer avenues for product diversification.
  9. Supply chain related to livestock products needs to be strengthened to deliver "wholesome" raw material (milk, meat & egg) by adopting the "Good Handling Practices". A value chain approach with major emphasis on maintenance of quality attributes involving stakeholders, needs to be adopted.
  10. There is a need to develop comprehensive guidelines and country- specific regulations for functional foods by FSSAI.
2) 10th National Symposium on: "Innovative Approaches Harnessing Agricultural Sciences for Society" held at MPKV, Rahuri during 21- 23 July, 2015.


  1. There should be maximum utilization of solar energy for agriculture work. Out of Box Thinking or new thoughts are very much essential in the agriculture sector.
  2. There is a need for including the agriculture subject in primary education in view of large population (around 66 percent) which still lives in rural areas and 52 percent of them dependent on agriculture and allied sectors for livelihood. For this purpose the investment in agriculture education should be at least one percent of the GDP of agriculture sector.
  3. Agriculture emissions can be reduced by adopting conservation tillage, re-growth of perennial vegetation, reducing summer fallow, etc. Livestock and green house gases emission can be controlled by use of high quality forages, legumes in grazing rotations, alternate land use systems, encouraging organic farming, use of bio fuels, avoiding deforestation and promoting reforestation.
  4. In North- East region of India, Conservation Agriculture encompasses practices of zero tillage, crop diversification such as paddy followed by mustard, development of water harvesting structure (farm ponds), use of liquid bio-fertilizers and honey bee keeping practices. These practices have been found to enhance the net profit and sustainable production in North- East region of India.
  5. Enhancing the agriculture input use efficiency through best management practices, good agricultural practices and reducing the input cost for crop production is recommended.
  6. Adoption of Integrated Farming System comprising of horticulture and livestock is key to successful sustainable and profitable agriculture.
  7. Development of need based and practically feasible post harvest technologies and their application in establishment of small scale processing units at farm level.
  8. Establishing network of requirements for efficient food supply chain and brand oriented production of food products.
  9. Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) may be worked at University level for skill development amongst the youths.
  10. There is need to promote Diversified Agricultural System (DAS) for sustainable Agril. Production.
  11. The Govt, of India started Kisan Wani (24/7 hours) channel dedicated to farmers Community. In this context, more number of success stories of the respective KVK jurisdiction may be sent for wider publicity. Initiation of the innovative techniques like use of hydroponics, azolla etc. for amalgamation of existing drought condition is required.
  12. Conservation of region and resource specific indigenous breeds of all the livestock species.
  13. There is need to initiate the Animal Feed and Food Security Mission for the livestock on the basis of National Food Security Mission.
3) 6th Regional Committee Meeting on: "Agriculture Policies for Food Security" held at UAS, Dharwad on Feb. 20-21,2016


  1. The Market reforms initiated by Government of Karnataka (GoK) need to be extended to other states of the country. GoK model is an ideal at national level because of e-trading with ICT, PPP market mode.
  2. Implementation of reforms through model APMC act: Setting up of special commodity markets, PPP in management & extension activities/ Promotion of e-trading, Provisions for Contract Farming and Establishment of Private markets / Farmer - consumer markets / Direct marketing etc.
  3. Market policies also need to be developed for fodder, milk, wool, livestock, fish and horticultural crops and preventing distress sale.
  4. Success stories of each University should be documented.
  5. Milk and eggs are to be introduced in PDS distribution for nutritional security and to create awareness about the nutritional importance of millets and coarse cereals when introduced in PDS. Per capita availability of pulse needs to be increased as it is half the quantity suggested by WHO.
  6. Establishment of processing industries at village level is to be encouraged.
  7. Greater emphasis on growing minor pulses which are equally nutritive and highly drought tolerant.
  8. Cropping system/Farming system approach which facilitates inclusion of different crop and animal components needs to be promoted.
  9. In PDS system millets, like sorghum, pearl millets, finger millet, fox tail millet and others as well as pulses are to be included in addition to rice and wheat to meet the nutritional security.
  10. PDS needs to be strengthened by allotting shops to each village particularly in the border areas under the leadership of retired military and BSF persons. In tribal areas, all the commodities including medicines should be made available in the PDS shops.
4) 40th Vice-Chancellors Convention on: "Pre Positioning Agricultural Universities for Target Food Production by 2030" held at ANGRAU, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad during 2-3 December, 2015


  1. Farm Planning according to the needs of local farmers should be adopted for achieving target food production by 2030.
  2. Identification of local area problems for designing location specific strategies to resolve them.
  3. To promote animal based integrated farming system and horticulture based integrated farming system to replace the mono cropping for enhancing the soil health and livelihood of the farmers.
  4. Development of new technologies of processing to reutilize the damaged crops as an alternative feed forthe animal sector in the affected areas.
  5. Improving the sustainability of farming.
  6. Liberal financial support from State and Central governments to Agriculture University to strengthen agricultural research, education and extension.
  7. Adapting Indian Council of Agricultural Research Model act for implementation of strategies for strengthening research, teaching and extension in SAUs.
  8. Establishing farmers' academy to train the farmers by the trained farmers and strengthen HRD in field level.
  9. To achieve high standards, agriculture polytechnics and diploma courses should be introduced as part of HRD.
  10. For excellence in education, MoUs with national and international universities, establishing virtual classrooms, master classrooms to share the best technologies and experiences across the agricultural universities of the world.
  11. Importance of soil health cards and awareness on fertilizer use based on soil health card data, are given due importance.



A. The Association expanded and maintained its linkages with international sister Associations and other International organizations in India and abroad like:
  1. Asian Pacific Association of Agriculture Research Institute (APAARI), Bangkok;
  2. Asian Association of Agriculture College and Universities (AAACU), Manila.
  3. International Livestock Research Institute, CG Centers, NASC, New Delhi
  4. University of the Philippines Los Banes College, New Laguna, Philippines.
  5. International Association of Universities (IAU), UNESCO House, France.
  6. GCHERA, France.
  7. Kazakh National Agrarian University, Kazakhstan, Republic of Kazakhstan.
  8. RUFORUM in Uganda.
  9. National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan.
  10. NUL&ES, Ukraine.
  11. Association of Public and Land Grant Universities (APLU), USA.

This will facilitate global exchange of views and knowledge in the field of agricultural research, extension and education.

B. Visit of the Scientists for International participation during the year 2015-2016
  1. Dr R.P. Singh visited Lebanon from 24-28th June, 2015, attended the 8th GCHERA Conference; where he made the presentation on 26 June, 2015 on "Begging Bowl to Food and Nutritional Security through Education and Research: The Indian Way".
  2. Dr R.P. Singh visited Nanjing Agricultural University, China from 17-22nd Sept., 2015, attended the 3rd GCHERA World Dialogue and WAP Award Ceremony. The 15th China Agriculture and Forestry University Presidents Forum (CAFUPF).

    Dr R.P. Singh made the presentation on "History and Present Status in Curricula Reforms in Agricultural Universities: Attracting Students for Job Opportunities and Entrepreneurship".

  3. The Following Scientists participated in the "High Level Policy Dialogue on Investment in Agricultural Research for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific" from 8-9th Dec, 2015, Thailand:
    1. Dr M.C. Varshneya, President, IAUA&VC, KU, Gandhinagar
    2. Dr K.M. Bujarbaruah, Secretary General, IAUA&VC, AAU, Jorhat
    3. Dr M. Premjit Singh, VC, CAU, Imphal
    4. DrS.B. Lai, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, SHIATS, Allahabad
    5. Dr R.P. Singh, Executive Secretary, IAUA, New Delhi

    Prof. M.C. Varshneya President, IAUA & Vice Chancellor, Kamdhenu University, Gandhinagar & Dr. Ashok Patel, Vice Chancellor, Sardar krushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University, Dantiwada visited Johannesburg, South Africa, from 4-7th April, 2016, where they attended the GCARD3 and the GCHERA steering committee meeting. At GCHERA meet following conclusions were drawn in one of the theme

    One thousand additional Ph Ds per year in next-generation, future-relevant agricultural research,
    A higher-educational reform across a 100 universities over five continents that combines multi-disciplinary training in agriculture-related sciences, with skills in leadership, entrepreneurship, interpersonal relations and team-building, and Continuing professional development in agriculture for innovation and entrepreneurship in agricultural practices, products and services.





ICAR Award to Dr J.B. Prajapati top

   DrJ.B. Prajapati, Professor & Head, Dairy Microbiology Department and I/C Dean, Faculty of Dairy Science, was conferred the coveted Hari Ohm Ashram Award for biennium 2012-13 (for animal and fisheries sciences) by the ICAR, New Delhi in ICAR award ceremony at Patna on 25 Jul. 2015. The award carries a citation and a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh. This award was given in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the area of pro-biotic dairy research.



39th Congress of Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery and National Symposium

   Thirty Ninth Annual Congress of Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery and National Symposium on "Recent innovations in diagnosis and treatment of surgical disorders in ruminants and equines, with particular applicability in hilly terrain" was held during 1-3 Sept. 2015 at Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, SKAUST, Srinagar. DrP.V. Parikh, Dr D.N. Kelawala and DrD.B. Patil, Department of Surgery and Radiology received gold medals and two appreciation certificates on different papers presented during the last conference heldatBikaner.

Jagjivan Ram Abhinav Kisan Puruskar 2015 to a Farmer of KVK

   Shri Dipen Kumar Mukundbhai Shah, Kunjrav, a progressive farmer of KVK, AAU, Devataj, bagged National Jagjivan Ram Abhinav Kisan Puruskar (Jagjivan Ram Innovative Farmer Award) for the year 2015 on 87th Foundation Day of the ICAR during Award Ceremony and 9th National KVK Conference. It was inaugurated by Shri Narendra Modi, Hon'ble PM, on 25 Jul. 2015 at Patna (Bihar). Shri Dipen Kumar Mukundbhai Shah has contributed for value addition of drumstick (Moringa oleifera) seed and marketing of value-added products of drumstick for increasing the shelf-life, thereby making its year-round availability and has taken trainings at KVK, Devataj. The national award comprised cash award of Rs 1 lakh and equal amount of travel grant across the country to promote his achievement among the farmers through the national level.

Dr A.M. Thaker, nominated as a member of NIANP

   Dr A.M. Thaker, Dean/Principal, College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Anand was nominated as a member of Institute Management Committee of ICAR-National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology (NIANP), Bengaluru for a period of 3 years from 7 Aug. 2015 by the Union Minister of Agriculture and President of ICAR Society. The NIANP is mandated to conduct basic and fundamental research with respect to animal feed-resource management, using physiological-nutritional approaches to improve animal productivity and profitability for livestock farmers.


Sardar Patel Outstanding ICAR Institution Award

   The university received Sardar Patel Outstanding ICAR Institution Award 2014 for the SAU/DU/CAU category. H.E. Shri Narendra Modi, PM, presented the award on the occasion of 87th Foundation Day, 25 Jul.2015, atPatna.

Fakhruddin All Ahmed Award to Scientists

   The ICAR, New Delhi conferred Fakhruddin AM Ahmed Award for Outstanding Research in Tribal Farming Systems 2014 to Dr Badal Bhattacharyya, Senior Scientist; and Dr Satyendra Kumar Dutta, Professor, on 25 Jul. 2015 in the 87th Foundation Day and Award Ceremony of ICAR held at Patna. These scientists were awarded for their significant research achievements pertaining to bio-ecology and management of Lepidiota mansueta, the menacing white grub pest with a biennial life cycle, in the world's largest river island, Majuli, Assam. Dr Sanjeev Kumar Balyan and Shri Mohan Bhai Kundariya, Union Ministers of State for Agriculture, presented the award to both the scientists.

Best Krishi Vigyan Kendra Award 2014

   The KVK, Nalbari functioning under the university, received Best Zonal KVK Award-2014 (Zone III). DrM. Deka, Programme Coordinator of the KVK, received the award from Shri Radha Mohan Singh, Union Minister of Agriculture during the 9th National KVK Conference held at Patna on 26 Jul.2015.


Chaudhary Devi Lai AICRP Award

   Chaudhary Devi Lai Outstanding All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) Award for 2014 was announced to AICRP on Palms, Kasargod and its AICRP centre, Ambajipeta, Andhra Pradesh.

   Kovvur centre of Dr YSRHU was awarded the Best AICRP centre for fruits by ICAR for the year 2015 at 2nd Annual Group Meeting organized at MPUAT, Udaipur, (Rajasthan).

Best AICRP Centre award for HRS, Ambajipet

   Dr G. Ramanandam, Principal Scientist (Hort.) and Head, HRS, Ambajipet received Chaudhary Devilal outstanding AICRP Award-2014 for 'Best AICRP Centre' from Shri Sanjeev Kumar Balyan, Union Minister for Agriculture, On 26 Jul. 2015 at Patna.


Awards to Public Health Scientists

   A National Symposium on "Safety of food of animal origin for domestic and export markets: Legal perspectives" was held at Karriataka Veterinary Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, Bengaluru. The XIII Annual conference of Indian Association of Veterinary Public Health Specialists was also held on this occasion. Out of five prizes awarded each year by IAVPHS, four awards were bagged by GADVASU faculty, by the scientists from School of public health and zoonoses.

   Dr J.P.S. Gill, Director, School of Public Health and Zoonoses, was a panellist in a brain-storming session on the food safety laws and regulations. He was also selected for "Dr A.T. Sherikar Outstanding Public Health Veterinarian Award" for his significant academic and research contributions in the field of Zoonoses, Food Safety and Quality Control, and Environmental Hygiene.

   Dr Simranpreet Kaur, Assistant Professor, won "Dr S.P. Singh Best Research Paper Award" for her paper on Group A rotaviruses in humans Awards winner and animals. Dr Abhishek Gaurav won "Dr V.N. Bachhil Young Scientist award" for his Ph.D. research work on antibiotic residues. Dr Lokesh K.M., Ph.D. scholar, bagged the best poster award for the research work conducted on Japanese encephalitis.

   Dr J.P.S. Gill was re-elected as Vice- President of Indian Association of Veterinary Public Health Specialists for tenure of 3 years. Two Assistant Professors of the department; Dr Simranpreet Kaur and Dr J.S. Bedi, were elected as Members of Executive Committee of IAVPHS.

Honour to Dr Harimohan Saxena

   The Karnataka-based Life Sciences Foundation India conferred its National Excellence Award 2014-15 on Dr Hari Mohan Saxena, Professor of Immunology, Department of Veterinary Microbiology, of the university. Padma Shree Dr Nityanand, former Director, Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow presented him the award at National Conference on Nanosciences, Nanotoxicology and Nanoinformatics held at the Integral University, Lucknow. Dr Saxena was bestowed with this honour for his innovation in diagnosis of infectious diseases patented by him in the USA, China and South Africa. The innovation was earlier selected among top 100 innovations in the India Innovation Growth Programme by FICCI, Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, DST & Stanford University, the USA.

   The novel super agglutination test developed by Dr Saxena and his team addresses the two major problems of false negative and false positive results obtained with the conventional slide or plate agglutination tests, and the kits based on them. The innovative concepts behind the super agglutination test are applicable not only to brucellosis but to other infectious diseases of animals and humans like Salmonellosis, AIDS etc also.

Honour to Animal Nutritionist

   Dr S.S. Sikka, Senior Nutritionist and Head, Department of Animal Nutrition, and a recipient of Shiksha Rattan Puruskar-2007, was awarded Dr S.Z. Qasim, Medal-2015 for his outstanding contributions in the field of Animal nutrition. Dr Sikka acted as Vice-President of Animal Nutrition Association during 2010-11, and presently he is Vice-President of Indian Academy of Veterinary Nutrition and Animal Welfare. The award was conferred on him in the inaugural session of the 17th Indian Agriculture Scientists' and Farmers' Congress on "Agri-innovation for enhancing production and rural employment held at Allahabad under the auspices of Bioved Research Institute of Agriculture and Technology.

Start-up Research Grant from DBT

   Dr Anuj Tyagi, Assistant Professor, College of Fisheries, earned Start-Up Research Grant (Young Scientist) of Rs. 24.5 lakh from DST-SERB for project entitled, "Study of microbial diversity and potential human pathogens in freshwater aquaculture environment". The research is focused on detection of potential human pathogens from aquaculture environment of Punjab. With total area of 14,673 ha and average annual productivity of 5.27 tones/ha, both village and private ponds have a crucial role in aquaculture activities of the state.

Research Project from UGC to Dr Surya Narayan Dutta

   Dr Surjya Narayan Dutta, Assistant Professor, College of Fisheries, earned a Research Project entitled "Standardisation of breeding and rearing technology of high value vulnerable catfish Pangasius pangasius under agro-climatic condition of Punjab" from UGC, New Delhi for a period of 3 years, with a total budget of Rs 10.36 lakhs. Dr Ajeet Singh and Dr Abhed Pandey are the co-investigators of the said project, which has been designed to standardize the breeding and seed production protocols for one of the high value Pangas catfish species, Pangasius pangasius, in the State. Presently seed of Pangas catfish has to be transported from far off States like Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.


Best Centre Award of Network Project on Organic Farming

   Pantvarsity was honored with Best Centre Award of 'Network Project on Organic Farming for 2015'. The award was given during the tenth annual group meeting of the network project, held at MPUAT, Udaipur, during 19-21 Aug. 2015. The university got this award for the excellent | work done on organic farming and for developing packages and practices of five crops of Basmati rice-based cropping system. This network project, sponsored by the ICAR, is in progress in 20 centres in different states. The council instituted this award in 2015 and Pantvarsity is the first recipient of this award.

Governor's Award for Best Research

   Two Pantvarsity students, Mohammad S. Anwar and Shri Uma M. Singh, of College of Basic Sciences and Humanities, were honored with Governor's Award for best research publication, among the universities of Uttarakhand. H.E. Dr Krishan Kant Paul, Governor of Uttarakhand, presented the award on 24 Sept. 2015 at Dehradun. Mohd. S. Anwar received the first award for his research paper 'Responses of indigenously developed bacterial consortia in progressive degradation of polyvinyl chloride', published in international journal Protoplasma, which was co-authored by other scientists of the department of Microbiology. The research paper of Shri Uma M. Singh entitled 'Transcriptome vide identification and validation of calcium sensor gene family in the developing spike of finger millet genotype for elucidating its role in grain calcium accumulation' was published in international journal PLOS one in 2014, co-authored by other members of the research group.

Young Scientist Award to Microbiology Student

   Dr Deep Chandra Suyal, student of Department of Microbiology of College of Basic Sciences and Humanities, received Young Scientist Award from Department of Science and Technology of Government of India. Under this award Dr Suyal will work in Department of Technology on the project submitted by him, with financial help from DST.

Patents granted and accepted for filing
  • One US patent no. 9,057,058 was awarded to Dr Reeta Goel, Professor and Head, Department of Microbiology, College of Basic Sciences and Humanities, and her team on 'Process of talc based formulation for LDPE degrading bacterial consortium' on 16 Jun. 2015.
  • A patent of Department of Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering department entitled 'A high protein gel recovery protocol for extraction of specific protein separated on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis' (which is a method and a kit) for eluting a protein or multiple samples from polyacrylamide gel, has been accepted for filing through DBT, New Delhi.
Pantvarsity Figures in OS Ranking of BRICS Universities

   The university has figured in top 200 universities of BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), as per QS University Ranking for 2015, securing 141st position. Among these top 200 universities, 31 institutions of India are included, which are mostly IITs and technical institutions.

Best Weed Management Centre

   The Pantnagar centre of All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Weed Management has bagged the Best Centre Award 2014-15 at the national level in recognition of its significant contributions in the area of weed management in various crops and cropping systems in Uttarakhand. The award was given at the 22nd Annual Review Meeting of the AICRP on Weed Management, held at PJTSAU, Hyderabad, during 17-18 Oct. 2015. In an assessment of the work done during the last 5 years by 28 AICRP-WM centres throughout the country, the ICAR's Directorate of Weed Research (DWR), Jabalpur and adjudged Pantnagar the best centre, with a maximum score of 84 for successful implementation of all the network research and extension programmes during this period. Director, DWR also provided Rs 1 lakh for strengthening the project work at Pantnagar.


Award for Most-cited Papers JAM-2015

   An article entitled "Prevalence of subclinical ketosis and relationships with post-partum diseases in European dairy cows" by Dr Vishal Suthar, Assistant Professor (Planning), in joint authorship with J. Canelas-Raposo, A.Deniz and W. Heuwieser, received "Award for Most-cited Papers JAM-2015" from Journal of Dairy Science, (an official publication of American Dairy Science Association). It also secured second place in the top 10 mostcited articles published in 2013.

DrO. Ramakrishna Oration Award to Dr D.B. Patil

   Dr D.B. Patil, Director of Research & Dean, PG Studies, was awarded Dr O. Ramakrishna Oration Award for the year 2015 during the symposium on recent innovations in diagnosis and treatment of surgical disorders in ruminants and equines, with particular applicability in hilly terrain, held at Faculty of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, SKUAST, Srinagar. He also received three Gold Medals and two appreciation certificates. He has been elected Executive Secretary of Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery.


Laurels to the university students

   LUVA5 honoured students who got awarded by Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) in Delhi. Maj Gen (Dr) Shri Kant, SM, V5M (Retd) congratulated the students- Kanisth Batra, Garima Kansal, Ritu, Naveen and Manisha and presented them cash prizes. Kanisth Batra, a Ph.D. scholar and Garima Kansal, student of BVSc & AH were facilitated with appreciation certificates recently in Delhi. Both the students were also invited in the Republic Day function and witnessed the event from W I P seats in the Prime Minister's Box. Ritu won the Gold Medal in HACKS; Naveen got 4th position in HACKS in RVC republic day parade.


Dr P. Bhattacharya Memorial Award

   Prof A.K. Misra, VC, received the prestigious "Dr P. Bhattacharya Memorial Award" of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences for the Biennium 2013-14. The award consists of citation, gold medal and cash prize of Rs 1 lakh. It was presented to him at the inaugural session of the 12th Agricultural Science Congress held at, NDRI, Karnal during 3-6 Feb. 2015.

Dr Md Hafeezuddin Silver Jubilee Award

   Dr S.A. Gaikwad and Dr P.L. Dhande, Department of Veterinary Anatomy, Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai, received Dr Md Hafeezuddin Silver Jubilee medal and award for Best Paper in Anatomy of Wild and Zoo Animals for the paper entitled "Innovative application of taxidermy technique in management of dead natural forest resources". These were presented to them during the XXIX Annual Convention and National Symposium, held at Dung (Chhattisgarh) during 11-13 Feb. 2015.

Fellow, IAVA Award to Dr Gaikwad

   Dr S.A. Gaikwad, Associate Professor of Veterinary Anatomy, Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai was honoured with Fellow, Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomists on 11 Feb. 2015 during theXXIX Annual Convention and National Symposium, held atDurg (Chhattisgarh).

Programme Officer Appreciation Certificate Award

   Shri Vinodji Tavde, Minister of Higher and Technical Education, Maharashtra State, felicitated Dr K.K. Khose, Assistant Professor, Department of Poultry Science, Post-graduate Institute of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Akola, with "Programme Officer Appreciation Certificate Award" at a grand ceremony in Mumbai on 8 June 2015.

NAAS Fellow Award to Prof A.K. Misra

   Prof A.K. Misra, VC, was awarded as the "Fellow of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences". Dr M.S. Swaminathan, presented the award for his outstanding work in Veterinary Field, on the occasion of Silver Jubilee Function of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi.


ABP News Award

   Prof A.K. Misra, VC, received the prestigious "Dr P. Bhattacharya Memorial Award" of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences for the Biennium 2013-14. The award consists of citation, gold medal and cash prize of Rs 1 lakh. It was presented to him at the inaugural session of the 12th Agricultural Science Congress held at, NDRI, Karnal during 3-6 Feb. 2015.

Hari Om Ashram Trust awards for Scientists, PG students and Farmers

   The university and Hari Om Ashram Trust, Surat signed Moll for initiating Hari Om Ashram Trust, Surat Awards for Scientists, PG students and farmers on 24 Aug. 2015. As per the MoU, Hari Om Ashram Trust, Surat provided a corpus fund worth Rs 33 lacs and the university shall manage various awards, viz., Best Agricultural Scientist Awards (total Rs 1.30 lacs for three awards), Best Student Awards (total Rs 1.10 lacs for best three each Master's and Doctoral students awards) and Best Farmer Awards (total Rs 0.50 lacs for three farmers awards). These awards shall be given each year out of the interest earned from the donated corpus funds to selected agricultural scientists, PG students and innovative farmers for their significant contributions to agriculture.



Honorary rank of Colonel to VC

   Prof Manoranjan Kar, VC, was conferred with the honorary rank of "Colonel" in the NCC by DG, NCC on 23 Jul. 2015. The award ceremony was held at the Raj Bhawan, Bhubaneswar, in the presence of H.E. Dr S.C. Jamir, Governor of Odisha.

Felicitation of VC for KVK's performance

   Prof Manoranjan Kar, VC, was felicitated on 9 Sept. 2015 at Zonal Workshop of KVKs held at Ujjain, M.P., for outstanding performance of KVKs of Odisha and for extending cooperation by the university, for effective functioning of KVKs in the state.



National Award to DrAnil Sharma

   Dr Anil Sharma, Assistant Director (TV), Centre for Communication and International Linkages, was selected for the national award for making outstanding efforts in science and technology communication through innovative and traditional methods during the year 2014. The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India selected Dr Sharma for this award, which consists of Rs 1 lakh cash, a memento and a citation.

International Scholarship and Travel Grant to Students

   Mr Ashwani Kumar, Ph.D. student, Department of Food Science & Technology, was awarded Dryland Cereals Scholarship, administered by Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions, Bangkok (Thailand) and funded by Consortium Group of International Agricultural Research. This scholarship aims to facilitate core competencies and knowledge of the budding scientists in advanced science and technologies related to productivity and quality improvement, post-harvest processing, value addition and policy interventions in dryland cereals. Mr Ashwani Kumar will receive US$ 10,000/-, spread over a period of 2 years, to carry out research on the topic "Development of symbiotic drinks from finger millet and oats".



   Ms Shikha Sharma and Mr Ifran Khan, Ph.D. scholars of Department of Plant Pathology, presented research papers in the "XVIII International Plant Protection Congress (IPCC)", held at Berlin (Germany), during 24-27 Aug. 2015.




Agricultural Leadership Award 2015

   The university also coveted Agricultural Leadership Award. Shri Raj Nath Singh, Union Home Minister, presented the award on 18 Sept. 2015, in a ceremony held at New Delhi. H.E. Shri Kaptan Singh Solanki, Governor of Punjab and Haryana; and Dr M.S. Swaminathan, eminent agricultural scientist; also attended the function. As an indicator of quality research, the PAU has been ranked first among the agricultural universities in 2014 for research publications as per the database of Indian Citation Index. The university, with its high mpact academic programmes, has set even higher standards in academics at national level. Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon, VC, received the award on behalf of the university, and graciously acknowledged the important role played by all the personnel engaged in teaching, research and extension programmes at the university.

Jawaharlal Nehru Award

   Dr Samanpreet Ahuja, Assistant Research Engineer (Soil and Water Engineering), won "Jawaharlal Nehru Award" of the ICAR, for her outstanding doctoral thesis research on natural resource management. The award was bestowed upon Dr Ahuja during the 87th Foundation Day celebration of the ICAR, held on 25 Jul. 2015 at Patna. The topic of her research was "Modeling the impact of climate change on groundwater resources in central Punjab". The study was conducted under the guidance of Dr K.G. Singh and Dr P.P.S. Lubana, experts of soil and water engineering. Dr Ahuja has developed a methodology for assessing the impact of climate change on crop yield and water in agriculture by interlinking climate, soil-water-vegetation and groundwater models.


Best Centre award to Castor Mustard Research Station

   In pursuance of its incredible R&D contributions, Castor-Mustard Research Station, Sardarkrushinagar, was adjudged the best among 44 AICRP centres spread over 18 states for the year 2014-15. The award and trophy for the feat was given by Dr J.S. Sandhu, DDG (CS) ICAR, New Delhi, at the 22nd Annual Group Meeting of Rapeseed-Mustard Research Workers, held at SIAM, Durgapura, Jaipur (Rajasthan) on 3 Aug.2015.


Best Paper Award to Mr F. Parthiban

   Mr F. Parthiban, Assistant Professor, Department of Fish Processing Technology, Fisheries College and Research Institute, Ponneri, received the Best Paper Award during the first National Conference (theme: Tamil Can Do-Fishery) organized jointly by TANUVAS, Chennai and Agricultural Scientific Tamil Society, New Delhi, during 13-14 June 2015 at Madras Veterinary College, Chennai.


Medals in 15th 'AGRIUNIFEST'

   The university bagged the following medals in the 15th ICAR Agri Unifest held at NDRI, Karnal during 21-24 Mar. 2015.

  • 2nd Prize in group song (silver medal)
  • 2nd Prize in Patriotic song (silver medal)
  • 2nd Prize in Cartooning (silver medal)
  • 4th Place in One act play
Extension Award - 2015

   Dr S.K. Meti, Dean (Agri.), received Swami Sahajanand Saraswathi Extension Award - 2015 from the ICAR, New Delhi, for his contribution in Agricultural Extension. The Award was presented during National KVKs Workshop held at Patna (Bihar) during August, 2015.



Honor to Dr B. Venkateswarlu

   Dr B. Venkateswarlu, VC, was honoured by Vasantrao Naik Krishi Pratisthan, Mumbai, by awarding Vasantrao Naik Krishi Puraskar - 2015 for his outstanding contributions for research leadership on soil and water conservation in Marathwada. Shri Devendraji Fadanvis, Chief Minister, Maharashtra, presented him the award on 10 Jul. 2015 at Mumbai. The Speaker, State Legislative Assembly was also present.


Hari Om Ashram Trust Award

   Dr B. Venkateswarlu, VC, along with Dr Ch. Srinivasrao, Director, CRIDA, Hyderabad, were conferred Hari Om Ashram Trust Award 2012-13 for significant contributions in the development and implementation of carbonpositive soil-management strategies for arresting the depletion of soil organic carbon, based on long-term fields experiments in major rainfed production systems in India. These carbon positive technologies are being implemented in 123 model villages in 120 districts of the country.




  Membership Strength of IAUA

   The complete list of Member Universities of IAUA, New Delhi :


1. Anand Agricultural University, Anand- 388110 (Gujarat)
2. Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat- 785013 (Assam)
3. Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad- 500030 (A.R)
4. Bihar Agricultural University, Bhagalpur, Sarbour- 813210 (Bihar)
5. Birsa Agricultural University, RO. Kanke, Ranchi- 834006 (Jharkhand)
6. Bidhan Chandra Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, RO. Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Mohanpur-741252 (W.B.)
7. Banda University of Agriculture & Technology, Banda- 210001 (U.R)
8. Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agriculture University, Hisar-125004 (Haryana)
9. Chhattisgarh Kamdhenu Vishwavidyalaya, Campus Office: College of Diary Science & Food Technology, Raipur- 492012 (Chhattisgarh)
10. Chandra Shekher Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur-208002 (U.R)
11. Chaudhary Sarwan Kumar H.R Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Palampur-176062 (H.P.)
12. Dr Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli (Dist. Ratnagiri) - 415712 (Maharashtra)
13. Dr Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, P.O. Krishinagar, Akola - 444104 (Maharashtra)
14. DrY.S. Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni (dist. Solan)-173230 (H.R)
15. DrY.S.R. Horticultural University, Venkataramannagudem, P.O. Box No. 7, West Godavari District, Tadepalligudem- 534101 (A.R)
16. Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana -141004 (Punjab)
17. Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar - 263145 (Uttarakhand)
18. Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Krishaknagar, Labhandi, Raipur - 492006 (Chhattisgarh)
19. Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh- 362001 (Gujarat)
20. Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, P.O. Adhartal, Krishninagar, Jabalpur- 482004 (M.P.)
21. Kerala Agricultural University, P.O. K.A.U., Vellanikkara,Thrissur- 680656 (Kerala)
22. Kamdhenu University Karmayogi Bhavan, Block-1, B-l Wing, 4th Floor, Room No. 414, Sector-10-A, Gandhinagar- 382010 (Gujarat)
23. Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies, Panangad, Kochi- 682506 (Kerala)
24. Karnataka Veterinary Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, Nandinagar, Bidar - 585401 (Karnataka)
25. Kerala Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Pookode, Lakkidi P.O., Wayanad- 673576 (Kerala)
26. Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Hisar-125004 (Haryana)
27. Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University, Futala Lake Road, Nagpur- 440001 (Maharashtra)
28. Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Distt. Ahmednagar, Rahuri- 413722 (Maharashtra)
29. Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, University Campus, Udaipur- 313001 (Rajasthan)
30. Navsari Agricultural University Eru Char Rasta, Dandi Road, Navsari- 396450 (Gujarat)
31. Narendra Deva University of Agriculture and Technology, Kumarganj, Faizabad- 224229 (U.R)
32. Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary Science University, South Civil Lines, Jabalpur- 482001 (M.P.
33. Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneshwar- 751003 (Orissa)
34. Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana -141004 (Punjab)
35. Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Pashu Chikitsa Vigyan Vishwa Vidhyalaya evam Go- Anusandhan Sansthan, Mathura - 281001 (U.P.)
36. Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University, Admin. Office, Rajendranagar- 500030 (Hyderabad)
37. Rajendra Agricultural University, Pusa (Samastipur)- 848125 (Bihar)
38. Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Science, Bijay Bhawan Palace Complex, Near Pt. Dean Dayal Upadhyay Circle, Bikaner- 334001 (Rajasthan)
39. Rajmata Vijyaraje Scindia Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Opp. Mela ground, Race Course Road, Gwalior- 474002 (M.P.)
40. Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University, Distt. Banaskantha, Sardarkrushinagar- 385506 (Gujarat)
41. Sri Konda Laxman Telangana State Horticultural University, Rajendranagar- 500030 (Hyderabad)
42. Sri Karan Narendra Agricultural University, Jobner (Distt. Jaipur)- 303329 (Rajasthan)
43. Swami Keshwanad Rajasthan Agricultural University, Sriganganagar Road, Beechwal, Bikaner- 334006 (Rajasthan)
44. Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (J), Main Campus, Chatta, Jammu-180009 (J&K)
45. Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kahmir, Shalimar Campus, Srinagar-190025 (J&K)
46. SardarVallabh Bhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology, Meerut- 250110 (U.P.)
47. Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University Administrative Office, Dr Y.S.R. Bhavan, Tirupati- 517502(A.P.)
48. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore- 641003 (T.N.)
49. Tamil Nadu Fisheries University, First Line Beach Road, Nagapattinam- 611001 (T.N.)
50. Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Madhavaram Milk Colony Campus, Chennai-600051(T.N.)
51. University of Agricultural & Horticultural Science, Navile, Savalanga Road, Shivamogga- 577225 (Karnataka)
52. University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore- 560065 (Karnataka)
53. University of Agricultural Sciences, Yettinagudda Campus, Krishinagar, Dharwad- 580005 (Karnataka)
54. University of Agricultural Sciences, Lingasugur Road, Raichur- 584104 (Karnataka)
55. UttarBanga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, P.O. Pundibari, Distt. Coochbehar- 736165 (W.B.)
56. University of Horticultural Sciences, Udyanagiri, Simikeri Bye-Pass, Navanagar, Bagalkot- 587102 (Karnataka)
57. Uttarakhand University of Horticulture & Forestry, Distt. Pauri Garhwal, Bharsar- 246123, (Uttarakhand)
58. Vasantrao Naik Marathawada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Krishi Nagar, Parbhani- 431402 (Maharashtra)
59. West Bengal University Of Animal and Fishery Sciences, 68, Kshudiram Bose Sarni Belgachia, Kolkata- 700037 (W.B.)


Central University

60. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi- 221005 (U. P)
61. Central Agricultural University, Post Box 23, Iroisemba, Lamphelpat, P.O. Imphal, Imphal- 795004 (Manipur)

Deemed to-be Universities

62. ICAR- Central Institute of Fisheries Education, (University under Sec.3 of UGC act), Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Panch Marg, Off Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai- 400061 (Maharashtra)
63. Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa Campus, New Delhi-110012
64. Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar- 243122, Bareilly, (U. P)
65. ICAR- National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal-132001 (Haryana)
66. Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, (Formely Allahabad Agriculture Institute), P.O. Agriculture Institute, Allahabad- 211007 (U.P.)





1. Shri Chitranjan Kole, VC, BCKW, Mohanpur
2. Prof. Biswanath Bandyopadhyay, VC, UBKV, Coochbehar
3. DrO.P. Gill, VC, MPUAT, Udaipur
4. DrTej Pratap, VC, SKUAST, Srinagar
5. DrM.L. Chaudhary, VC, BAU, Sarbour
6. Dr K. Ramaswami, VC, TNAU, Coimbatore
7. DrW.S. Lakra, VC, CIFE, Mumbai
8. Dr R.K. Mittal, VC, RAU, Pusa
9. Prof. Asis Kumar Chakravarty, VC, BCKW, Mohanpur
10. DrT.A. More, VC, MPKV, Rahuri
11. Shri B. Ashok, VC, KVASU, Wayanad, Kerala
12. DrA. Padmaraju, VC, ANGRAU, Hyderabad
13. Dr H.S. Gaur, VC, SVBPUANT, Meerut
14. Dr A.C. Varshneya, VC, UP. Pt. DDUPCW, Mathura
15. Prof. B. Madhusoodhana Kurup, VC, KUFOS, Cochin
16. Dr Manoranjan Kar, VC, OUAT, Bhubaneswar
17. Prof. Baskaran Manimaran, VC,TNFU, Nagapattinam


1. Prof. Debasis Mazumdar, VC, UBKV, Coochbehar
2. Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon, VC, PAU, Ludhiana (2nd Term)
3. Prof. P.K. Dashora, VC, MPUAT, Udaipur
4. Dr Trilochan Mohapatra, VC, IARI, New Delhi
5. Dr Nazeer Ahmed, VC, SKUAST (K), Srinagar
6. Dr T. Bhattacharya, VC, DrBSKKV, Dapoli
7. Dr K. Ramaswami, VC, TNAU, Coimbatore (2nd Term)
8. Shri C. Partha Sarathi, VC, SKLTSHU, Rajendranagar
9. Dr K.P. Viswanatha, VC, MPKV, Rahuri
10. Shri Subrato Biswas, VC, KVASU, Wayanand
11. Dr Ajay Kumar Singh, VC, BAU, Sarbour
12. Dr R.C. Srivastava, VC, RAU, Pusa
13. Shri T. Vijay Kumar, VC, ANGRAU, Hyderabad
14. Shri Marapandian, VC, KUFOS, Kochi
15. Dr K.M.L. Pathak, VC, UP. Pt. DDUPCW, Mathura
16. Dr Gaya Prasad, VC, SVBPUAT, Meerut
17. Dr K. Rathna Kumar, VC, TNFU, Nagapattinam



  1. IAUA Newsletter, 2015 (Quarterly): 4 issues
  2. Proceedings:

    a) 7th Brainstorming Session on "Functional Livestock Products" held at ICAR-IVRI, Izatnagar on 6th June, 2015
    b) 10th National Symposium on "Innovative Approaches Harnessing Agricultural Sciences for Society" held at MPKV, Rahuri during 21-23 July, 2015
    c) 6th Regional Meeting on "Agriculture Policies for Food Security" held at UAS, Dharwad during 20-21 Feb., 2015.
    d) 40th VCs Convention on "Pre-Positioning Agricultural Universities for Target Food Production by 2030" held at ANGRAU, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad during 2-3 December, 2015.

  3. Annual Report 2015-16



1. 11th National Symposium on "Positioning NARES for Vocational Education".

2. 8th Brainstorming session on "Strategies for Veterinary and Animal Sciences for Development in Agricultural & Livestock".

3. 7th Regional meeting on "How to improve Oil Seeds and Pulses Production: Challenges and Perspective".

4. 41th VCs Convention on "Food for Health Under Climate Change".



The main source of revenue of the Association is the subscription from member universities. In addition, the ICAR also provides a good assistance of Rs 20 lakhs annually for organizing national - level events like Annual Conventions, National Symposia and Brainstorming sessions etc.

    The audited Statement of Accounts for the Year 2015-16 is given in Annexure 1. It shows that total income of the Association is Rs.82,21,993/- (i.e., Rs.63,50,000/- as membership subscription, Rs. 18,71,993/- as interest from bank) and total expenditure Rs. 46,35,421/- At the close of the financial year 2015-16, the Association has fixed deposits of Rs. 1,58,93,636/- (Rupees One Crore Fifty Eight Lakh Ninety Three Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Six only), which will be Rs. 2,47,07,332/- (Rs. 1,69,99,620/- as on 28th January, 2019 and further Rs. 77,07,712/- on 6th August, 2019).


The Association thanks Dr Raj Kumar Singh, VC, ICAR-IVRI, Izatnagar; Dr K.R Vishwanatha, VC, MPKV, Rahuri; DrD.P. Biradar, VC, UAS, Dharwad; and DrA. Padma Raju, VC, ANGRAU, Tirupati, (A.R); for organizing and hosting the 7th Brain Storming Session at ICAR-IVRI, Izatnagar; 10th National Symposium at MPKV, Rahuri; 6th Regional Committee Meeting at UAS, Dharwad; and 40th VCs Convention at ANGRAU, Tirupati (A.R) respectively.

    The Association is also grateful to Dr. M.L. Choudhary, VC, BAU, Sabour, the former President, IAUA and his team of Executive Committee for carrying out the mandate of the Association to its new heights for greater visibility through international collaborations.

dt : 06.10.2016
(Prof. (Dr.) M.C. Varshneya)
President/Senior Vice-President, IAUA &
VC, KU, Gandhinagar, Gujarat




F-48, Bhagat Singh Market,
(nearGole Market)
New Delhi 110001
Phone:23364607, 23361808, 23347845
Fax : 23348381
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Auditors’ Report

We have audited the attached Balance Sheet of INDIAN AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITIES ASSOCIATION, PUSA CAMPUS, NEW DELHI as at 31st March 2016 together with Income & Expenditure Account and Receipts & Payment Accounts for the year ended as on that date. We certify that the said accounts are true and correct in terms of the books of account produced before us and explanations given.


Bhasin Raghavan & Co.
Chartered Accountants
FRN 000197N

Place: New Delhi Sd:
(Vikram Singh))



MS No. 093458






Capital Fund:     Fixed Assets  
Opening balance 23508498.02      
(+) Surplus for the year 3525211.93 27033709.95 As per Annexure


      Cash and bank balances:  
Building Fund   2909439.00    
      Cash at bank SB A/c 33643 7195803.25
Current Liabilities:     Cash at Bank SB A/c-55638 707808.99
      Imprest Executive Secondary
      Fixed Deposit  
Adv. Subscription Rec.   700000.00 Syndicate Bank 15893636.336
Grant From ICAR   3000000.00 Int accrued on FDR  
Audit Fees Payable   24539.00 Syndicate Bank
      Tax Deducted at Source 548024.70
      Contribution to ICAR (Building) 6000000.00
    33667687.95   33667687.95



Auditors’ Report:

As per our separe report of even date annexed to the Balance Sheet

  Bhasin Raghavan & Co.
Chartered Accountants
FRN 000197N
Place: New Delhi
Dated: 08.09.2016

(Vikram Singh))
Ms. No 093458







Aquarium Maintenance
Membership Fee & Subscription
Audit Fee
Interest on FD
Bank Charges
Bank Interest
Conveyance & Travelling
Int. on IT refund
Editinq expenses Amount
Electricity charges
Home Page (Web site)
IAUA Convention
Membership Fees
Misc. expenses
National Symposium
Office Equipment Maintenance
Office Rent & Maintenance
Postage, Telephone & Internet
Printing & Stationary
Salary & Wages
Surplus for the year

Note:- Membership fee for the Financial Year 2015-2016 works out to Rs. 66,00,000/- from 66 members however, Rs. 2,50,000/ . related to Financial Year 2015-2016 was received in earlier Financial Year 2014-2015 and booked as income of Financial Year 2014-2015, accordingly membership fee income of the Financial Year 2015-2016 is shown as Rs. 63,50,000/-



Auditors’ Report:

As per our separate report of even date annexed to the Balance Sheet

  Bhasin Raghavan & Co.
Chartered Accountants
FRN 000197N
Place: New Delhi
Dated: 08.09.2016

Vikram Singh
Ms. No 093458






Opening Balance:

Bank Charges 116.00
Cash at Bank (SB A/c No 33643) 4273111.97 Computer repair 68259.00
Imprest Executive Secretary 872911.60 Conveyance & Travelling 187936.00
Fixed Deposit 15893636.36 Editing expenses 11967.00
Membership Fee & Subs. 6350000.00 Electricity charges 201660.00
Advance Subscription rec. 700000.00 Entertainment expenses 10270.00
Advance Subscription rec. 700000.00 Fish Aquarium Maintenance 2500.00
Bank Interest and Other Income 282789.67 Furniture & Fixture 9550.00
Income Tax Refund 46473.00 Home Page (Website) 108593.00
Int. on IT refund 4547.00 IAUA Convention 300000.00
Meeting expenses 400000.00
Membership Fees 435470.00
Misc. expenses 48111.00
National Symposium 400000.00
Office Equipment & Maintenance 10589.00
Office Rent & Maintenance. 1119776.00
Petrol 45746.00
Postage, Telephone & Internet 90566.00
Printer 17325.00
Printing & Stationary 212919.00
Salary & Wages 944868.00
Closing Balance:
Cash at Bank (SB A/c No 33643) 7195803.25
Imprest Executive Secretary A/c 707808.99
Fixed Deposit 15893636.36
28423469.60 28423469.60



Auditors’ Report:

As per our separate report of even date annexed to the Balance Sheet.

  Bhasin Raghavan & Co.
Chartered Accountants
FRN 000197N
Place: New Delhi
Dated: 08.09.2016
(Vikram Singh)
Ms. No 093458